Thais Flowers Review

TFR1Thais Mills takes beauty and creativity filling it within every ‘Thais Flowers’ she crafts. As an entrepreneur, Thais has found a beauty with her creations through all the trails of life and decided to share it with the world.  I received my flower January 11th and loved it instantly from the colors utilized, the packaging to the way it looked in my hair.

Seeing that accessories are my whole ENTIRE life I knew that the pink, green, and purple flower would be awesome fitted with some skinny jeans, white baby tee, and a pink, green or purple blazer. I could pair this flower for a regular day with a pair of nice fitting jeans, pink t-shirt, and some knee-high boots. All of my ladies who are ‘girly-girls’ can wear a maxi dress with one of the flowers’ colors with the flower as an accessory and enjoy the day with Thais’s creations.



My flower came in the small box with red, gold, and orange paint splattered all over the box. On the front of the box the sign was etched in a black background with silver letters. It was safe to say that it was creatively designed and I was ready to rip open the box. The clear packaging had straw it and I didn’t like that so much. But the packaging itself kept the flower safe so I would say that the packaging is easy open for customers and cute for the eye.





The Flower:

I’m not going to lie, I expected a way bigger flower and I really didn’t have a reason. Maybe it was because the clear packaging was big but whatever it was I found my gorgeous medium-sized flower. The pink, green, and purple drips of paint reminded me of the painters throwing paints on their canvasses and really loved that personal touch to the flower. The clip that attaches to my hair wasn’t too big and slid in my curls perfectly. After trying on the flower, I realized that the size of the flower was actually perfect for an accessory. My flower has a large center that was a little prickly and I wish that something could have covered it, but I still loved my flower.


I would rate this flower an eight; I personally love the artistic drippings of the paint, the color choice and the accessory as a whole and would encourage you to support Thais Mills.


If you want to experience your very own Enticing Object make sure to check out the website. When you get on the site check out all that Thais has to offer with her beautiful work and make sure to a piece and support a business owner and creative soul. Follow Thais on Twitter.


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