Indie Artist Spotlight: Geno Green

rsz_this_is_my_life_front_coverWichita, Kansas bred an indie artist that spit flames whenever he’s in the booth. You may not know anyone from Kansas, but fictional Dorothy and Todo but I assure you that Geno Green is one you want to know and is putting his city on the map. Such songs as “All I Need Is U”, and “Flowin & Hustlin” allows his Midwest dialect and street presence to be easily recognized. Geno Green moved to Atlanta to get his music off the ground and Pardon My Audacity jumped on the artist for an exclusive spotlight to let my readers know what he’s all about.

 Jas: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Geno: My name is Geno green I’m from Wichita Kansas just moved to Atlanta Ga and I’ma independent artist.

Jas: What inspired you to become an artist?

Geno:  I think music in general growing up because my mom was from Cali and I remember when she used to clean up she would have Tupac and DJ Quick playing. She would tell me to put my own words to the music. As I grew up and could talk better like age 5 and 6, I started rapping my own lyrics to the music and that’s really how it started.


Jas: Where do you want to see your career go from now to the future?

Geno:  I want to be a music mogul and own one of the biggest independent labels in the world to really give other people the opportunities that I was afforded.

Jas: What motivates you to make the music you make?

Geno: Just my surroundings, my people, and life itself ‘cause a lot of people don’t make it past 21 wherr I’m from.

Jas: People claim that ‘hip hop is dead” what do you think of that statement?

Geno: It’s not dead; People are just not trying hard enough to get their music heard.

Jas: How would you describe your brand?

Geno: ‘Independent and coming wit it’

Jas: In a sea full of artist, what makes you stand out?

Geno:  I think what makes me stand out is my style and versatility. I think what makes lose their audience is they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Me, I will rap on any beat if you give me a rock beat I will write to it. I can change it up.


Geno Green’s versatility and style is what sets him apart in the indie arena. He continues working hard, networking, and developing his name and brand from scratch. His mix tape “This is my Life” just dropped and can be found on Be sure to support and check Geno Green out on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out my favorite song by Geno: All I Need Is U



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