Stasi Quinn is Priceless

Stasi 4Stasi Quinn was the absolute ‘Bad Girl’ on Season 7 “Bad Girls Club” and we all loved her blunt remarks and straightforward attitude. As we sat glued to our televisions watching the season, we couldn’t help but notice how amazing she always looked and how she made herself a reality sensation, but what we didn’t know is that Stasi Quinn had the musical talent of rapping. With her Suppa Bad “Hair Edition” launched and her future endeavors who is to say what is next for this sassy diva. Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit and talk with the BGC reality star, Stasi Quinn, on her musical influences and what’s next for her.

Jas: When did you first know that you wanted to rap?

Stasi: Man I think I was like 18… I had been writing music when I was 6 or 7 but it wasn’t until 18 that I realized I can say so much more through hip hop.

Jas:  Who are your biggest influences in the music industry?

Stasi: Missy HANDS DOWN!!!

Jas: So your first mix tape was Priceless right? Who did you work with on your mix tape?

Stasi: My mixtape Priceless was my very first time completing a solo project and I wanted it to be just that SOLO.

Stasi 7

Jas: What’s your favorite song on your mix tape?

Stasi:  THAT’S EASY! Priceless … I said a whole like in that song it was the last track wrote and recorded but that is my baby I still get a li’l choked up listening to it.

Jas:  Do you have a single coming out soon?

Stasi: I HAVE SOOOOOOOOOOOMETHING I’m working on, but I can’t speak on it yet but it’s just what everyone has been waiting on for sure.

Jas: Who are some artists that you want to work with?

Stasi: Missy, Fabolous; I love him so underrated, Trey Songz; I love his drive and his diversity, and Taylor Swift; pure talent. Uuuuum the list is so long.

Jas:  I know that you aren’t one that likes to be compared to other female artist, so tell the readers what sets you apart from other female artist?

Stasi: The fact that I’m me and I’m happy with that. I don’t say or do what sounds good. I do my music for the love—nothing else. The day that that changes I will stop doing it publicly.

Jas: So what’s next for Stasi?

Stasi: Of course my hairline Suppa Badd “Hair Edition” just launched and I’m so happy about that. This “secret” project is the 1st of three so I have a few things working; my book is coming along great. I did push the release date back a little because I want it perfect but I’m happy with where it’s going now.

Stasi 3

Jas: Are we going to see you on the big screen anymore?

Stasi: Maybe… (giggles) Maybe

Jas: Where can your fans find you?

Stasi: People can find me at, they call follow me on Twitter @StasiQuinn, and find me on Facebook.

Stasi 2

There you have it guys and gals, Stasi has become more than just a reality star. Stasi Quinn is setting herself up to be a future mogul in this wonderful world of entertainment, fashion, and literature. Please check out Stasi’s new hair line at her website and support Stasi. Also, download “Priceless” at and get the full listen to what Stasi Quinn has to say on her debut mixtape. Pardon My Audacity salutes and congratulates Stasi on all of her success and we here also want to see more from the gorgeous girly for years to come.

Here’s a Stasi’s song ‘H.A.M’:


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