Black Love February



Hello ladies and gentlemen! As you know that February is the month that is home to Black History Month and also host Valentine’s Day because of these two wonderful things I will be kicking off a special post. These posts will combine African-Americans and real love because those are two major representations from Pardon My Audacity.

I am always hands on with everything that goes up on the site seeing that I’m the creator and Editor-in-Chief, but this month Pardon My Audacity will be accepting original love letters and poetry to publish for this special month. Each poem needs to be about something love in some form; each will have the author’s name at the end of the poem and Twitter handle.

This February be on the lookout for weekly love songs, Valentine Day’s savings and affordable dates, Atlanta wedding shops and exclusive wedding dress collections with my team and me bringing interesting stories to you! Also, I will premiere a short story that will be published throughout the entire month that’s NOT erotic but showcases my other fiction writing skills. This will be a fun month with a fun goal and I’m excited about kicking it off for all of your lovely readers, subscribers, and followers.

If you want to be a part of next month post please email the poem, love letter, your name, and your Twitter handle to subject:  Black Love February. I look forward to your submissions and can’t wait to read your creativity. 


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