Trap Stars Girlfriend S9

Hey loves this is the LAST chapter until March! Hope you enjoy and pass it on for others to enjoy. If you’ve missed 1-8 check it out here on the blog.

Recap: “Lauren Conley,” The security guard called her name. She walked to the gate as it opened. “You’re going home.” He finished.  After paper work and retrieving her things Tank stood there with his dreads cascading over his shoulders and his smiled but her face remained sullen.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.  



Part 9:

                “Thank you would suffice.” He spoke bluntly.

                “It’s partly your fault that I was even in this place. This is completely ridiculous that I’m in jail behind a raggedy ass bitch and her ex.” Lauren pushed passed Tank. Tank held in his frustration and walked behind her until they were both in the car.

                “I think you need to pull your head out of your ass for five seconds before we really stop liking each other. I didn’t have to come and get your narrow ass out of fuckin’ jail. I can’t help that I have a bitch that keeps flappin’ her dick suckers your way all I can say is fuck that broad. You were my only worry and if you can’t handle this life than fuck it, I’m done with your smart ass mouth. I will drop your ass home and leave you the fuck alone.” He fumed.

                “So you’re mad? Really?” Lauren folded her arms waiting for a response, but never got one. He was over it. His mind and heart was spent and he didn’t want to spend his time with an ungrateful bitch. Lauren sat beside the man that was the cause of the issues she had, but couldn’t help but want to talk to him. She wished to come to an agreement or something, but her frustrations had ruined what chance they had to talk.

                “Thank you for bailing me out. What do I do next?” Her voice was soft and calm.

                “You’re welcome. You wait for your hearing. You have never been in trouble and you were attacked so you should be okay.” He replied calm as well. They sat in front of the door for her to get out simply looking at each other, simply trying to say something to soften the moment.

                “If it means anything I have been thinking about you every day since we stopped talking.” Lauren said. Tank was through with the situation and tired of trying all of the bad bitches in the Atlanta. He was with one of the most difficult bitches there was and he was fed up with the bullshit, the whining, and the running so he ran. Why would he chase a bitch when he could continue to chase the money? It was an easier chase.

                “I’ll see you later.” He said without looking at her. She understood quite well and left without another word.


Tank lay in the dead of night in the dark; there was no money to count or to make. There was no crowd of people invading his personal space. It was just him, his heart, and his thoughts. Every time he closed his heavy eyes he could hear the last words she said to him, he remembered the way she smiled on a happier day, and remembered holding her in his arms and the scent of her perfume. But wanting to right a wrong? For what? For her to run because she doesn’t want to deal. It was either easy or too hard and she couldn’t make up her mind what she really wanted.

                She tossed and turned in the bed thinking of how he ignored what she had to say. Break ups were easy with regular dudes, but with Tank it felt like it mattered way more than it should have. All the nights she decided to bitch about his lifestyle but chose to stay beside him and how the bad days always ended with the great nights and here she was alone in bed after being incarcerated. She fought his ex with everything she had in her and what for? Bitches talking beaucoup mess never made her react the way that she did and again she reevaluated herself in this situation. Every time something happened Tank tried to show her it’s not always like this and every time he tried to be a “good guy” for his “goodie two-shoe” girl she shot him or ran. Maybe he was right for ignoring her advances. Maybe being a bitch to him wasn’t going to work like it did with the other boring men she met. All the complaining about wanting something different, something daring had been sitting in her face for a month and she had chosen to walk away and for good reason she convinced herself.  

Both of them lay in their bed thinking of their respective lover and longed for something more.

                “Listen, I know you saw me call you and I just wanted to say that I apologize for the shit that I said and the shit that I have done.” Lauren said on his voicemail as she lay in bed.  Hearing the voicemail recording, irritated her, but she chucked it up as a lost. She put her phone on silent and rolled over before shutting her eyes. She begin to drift off until she heard someone knocking at her door she realized she was the only one in her dorm and headed to the door in her t-shirt and panties.

                “I was thinkin’ bout yo’ ass too.” His voice soothed everything that had been bothering her.

                “You have?” She questioned with the door slightly exposing her legs.

                “You already know shawty.” He smiled. She opened the door and her arms as he entered and took her into his arms.

                “I want you.” The two closed the dorm door and he scooped her into his arms before pressing his tongue into her mouth. The two headed to the bedroom and Lauren pulled her shirt over her head and exposed her body to the man she longed to share it with. Once they were both in the bed and finally making love to one another it became so clear for the both of them.

                “Stop leaving me Lauren.” He asked as he held her tight and she rode him.

                “I won’t.”



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