Princess Jasmine by Jasmine Jackson

Princess Jasmine

The first poem is by the Editor-in-Chief, Jasmine Jackson. Be sure to comment and share and enjoy black love. All poems on the site is copyrighted so do not take anyone’s original work.

Princess Jasmine

I know that as women we all dream of a deep love
The love that will transform a frown and make the cheeks rise above
But I don’t, I don’t wish nothing, but for you
Us disappearing away, just us two

You keep us grounded with the love you surrounded
When everyone is gone and nowhere to be founded
It’s your love that keeps us covered and right
Everything is where it’s supposed to be when you hold me tight

Material things that’s fine, but I don’t need it because you’re mine
I love Gucci, Prada, Findi, and Dolce Gabana
like many other girls, But I don’t need it
As long as you rescue me away from the world

Whisk me away on a magic carpet; a majestic date
Our love is strong enough to design our fate
Hands that form generations and bonds for the world to see
And all the time we spend together creating beautiful memories

I don’t want clothes, purses, diamonds for days
I just want my Aladdin to take Princess Jasmine Away


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