Involuntary Love Part One

Pardon My Audacity presents the special short story from Black Love February: Involuntary Love. Bump or Dump to keep the story going. We hope you enjoy.

Involuntary Love

He jogged in the Stone Mountain Park and his pace was set by T.I’s song “Dope Boys”.  It had been a long and much needed run and he loved the feel of releasing stress and exercising at the same time. His office needed him, but he needed his run; entrepreneurial work could always wait while he got his mind together. His heart rate was high; his legs were beginning to get that famous ache he was used to feeling after running thirty minutes in. He controlled his breathing, but wanted to slow down as he finished around the trail. Finally, he stopped and began inhaling and exhaling slowly regaining his strength when something grabbed his attention; a woman.

Her body remained in pain; she could taste the blood on her lips and felt the cramps in her thighs, calves, and bare feet.  She had tried not to be audible as she struggled to catch her breath and tried to examine where she was but couldn’t get the courage to come from the small cave she had fallen into. His footsteps crunching the autumn leaves on the ground he’s closer than he had previously been. The birds chirping as her distraction and a single shot in the air then nothing at all. She closed her eyes for only a second to gather herself but she couldn’t find herself any longer.

“Stacy!” His voice carried throughout the forest her body shuttered with fear. Not only had he been stalking her, he had found her and here she was afraid. Reeking of urine from sitting in the cellar for hours with no way out, stomach empty from being abducted two, three, or maybe more days, but she lost count not being able to see the sun set or rise. Thirty minutes passed since he called out her name; thirty minutes passed since she had sobbed silently reliving what happened. Thirty minutes passed more without food, water, or a bathroom. Without hope, happiness, or a familiar face and just as she was getting ready to give up she heard footsteps again. She peeped through the leaves she had partially hiding her only to see a gentlemen catching his breath from jogging. She grasped and dug her nails into the damp dirt in order to pull herself out. Wet mud covered her body, blood and urine seeped through her clothing and her hair was disheveled but finally she was out of the cave  and in the middle of the trail on her back sobbing as her chest heaved up and down, down and back up. She found the last ounce of strength she could muster up. As she lie there, the gentleman made his way to her and stared into her face; he had the greenest eyes she had ever seen and at once she realized the man wasn’t him. She might have finally escaped.

“Miss, I’m going to get you help.” She heard him say as he kneeled down beside her tired body. Pulling herself out of the cave had taken the rest of the power she had had and there was nothing else she could do. Her throat felt as if it were ripped open from the lack of moisture and her saliva seemed to have dried itself as well. She didn’t want to speak.

“Pl-ple-please help me.” The gentleman ran his hand over her hair removing strands from her face to take a better look at her.

Shit like this happened in movies and on television; he wanted to run off but his mother hadn’t raised him to not to fear anything. He watched her, read her, and knew that he wouldn’t make the wrong choice…

To Be Continued…           BUMP OR DUMP?


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