We Took It There

Poem by Tiesha Kirton (@tkgoodwithwordz)

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We Took It There

When I say passion

It was both fire and heat

We became our own eclipse intertwined so deep


We shook earth and made bells ring

We stole time and made birds sing


There was a beauty with flesh and skin

Unorthodox to the rules

So six and nine didn’t mean a thing


Love and war fought in the ring

Blissful feelings and shattering hairs

It felt like three but only was a pair


Unconscious to where we were

No other feelings felt right that could occur

If you can picture it

Then the aroma was pure essence for this cure


Eyes could have been closed

From beginning to end

The magnetic strength of our bodies

Would have put us back together again


There were no rhythms to the beat

Just steaming and dripping skin of defeat

No findings of the sheets

Just bare mattresses to repeat


We indulged our appetite

Every bite became so right

Raw became so ripe

The moon was in the sky

But we made it give us sunlight 

We Took it There


All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s ideas.  


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