Help Meet

Poem by Michael Merriweather Jr. Follow him on Twitter @kngmerriweather

Help Meet

Seems like I’ve been missing something, don’t know how I managed to live. But I thank God for you, and I’m sure that I found my rib.
Protect the core of me and keep my heart encased. I’ve been hiding these for a while, here’s the keys in case.
There is some pride inside it might take a while to get rid of it. Jesus is in there too, since about 9 He’s lived in it.
Some pain from losing my brother. I know you probably relate. And if you look around long enough, you might find a closet of hate.
I got few grudges in a corner, I plan to deal with them soon. My family has a space, but for you, Dez, and Sean I made some room.
You’re more than welcome to decorate, the walls are covered with passion. And depression keeps knocking that’s why the music is blastin’.
This breastplate is made of righteousness so don’t worry about yourself. I’ve knew I was missing something for a while. I’m just glad I met my help.

All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s work or ideas.


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