Black Love February Spotlight: Dwele

Dwele Promo Pic 1 (Hi Res)

Dwele has made sweet love to every heart that has the pleasure of hearing his musical experience with his romantic ballads and beautiful voice. The Detroit native has given the music industry such a soulful sound and has opened eyes and hearts to his personal creative expression. Every experience in life can be captured and beautified and Dwele is the man that makes those experience come to music existence. Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit and talk with Dwele for Black Love February.

Jas:  Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Dwele: Um, I’m not sure what they don’t know, but I’ve been doing music for forever but I mean even more than the music I just love expression; all different forms of expression everything from photography to videography. I do art, I paint, I dabble around with a lot of different things that has to do with expression. Music is just something that I’m actually trained in.

Jas:  What age did you write your first song?

Dwele: My first song let my mama tell it I wrote my first song I think about when I was seven. I wrote a song for my mother.

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Jas: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Dwele: Musically, I would say I grew up listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, and a lot of the Motown sound. Also, Roy Ayers, Miles Davis; I listened to a lot of jazz because I was really into trumpet. Once I got into high school I got more into hip hop because everyone around me was rhyming so I kind of went that way I got into production and lyrics. I started rhyming at the time but yeah basically my style is hip hop, soul, and jazz.

Jas: So I know a lot of artists say a lot of their songs are based on real life situations, how many of your songs are based on real life situations?

Dwele: Wow, majority of them. Majority of them, some of them are based off of real life situations but I kind of bend the story a little bit to make it a little more exciting. If it’s not something I been through it’s something someone else went through and I wrote about it.

Jas: What has been your greatest experience in the music industry?

Dwele: Aw man, experience? I don’t know I been it for a few years I’ve had a lot of great experiences. I would say one of the highlights would be singing “Everybody Loves Sunshine” with Roy Ayers in Switzerland at the Macho Jazz Festival. He called me onstage wanted me to help him sing the song. That’s something that always comes back to me that’s one of the proudest moments and the scariest moments at the same time.

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Jas: What message do you want your music to spread?

Dwele: I think it’s less of a message and more of a feeling with my music. I say that with every album I try to make my music the soundtrack for your life. I want to make music that 15-20 years from now you listen and you hear it it takes you back to a good time in your life. I know that’s what music does for me, but that’s what I try to do when I create music.

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Jas: Tell the readers about your upcoming show in Atlanta?

Dwele: I will be in Atlanta on the 7th at Center Stage. It’s been about a year since I’ve been to Atlanta so it will be a fun show. We get a chance to do some songs off the new album “Greater Than One” so I’m looking forward to it I can’t wait.

Dwele will be at Center Stage tonight. Tickets are for 18+ first come first serve and are $30 at the door. Be sure to support Pardon My Audacity’s Black Love February spotlight celebrity Dwele. After his stop in the beautiful ATL, he’ll be in Charlotte NC on the 9th and Denver on the 12th.  Check out Dwele on his Twitter and visit his site Also, check out Dwele out on his YouTube cooking show “Cooking with Chef Boyardwe” here’s the first episode: Luther Burger


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