Forever Indebited

love letter

Hello lovers. This is the first love letter for Black Love February written by yours truly, Jasmine Jackson. I hope you are enjoying this months post and this first love letter.

Dear lover,

It’s been a while since I’ve truly loved a man as much as I love you. I completely forgot about the last person that held my heart in his hand and forgot about the pain I felt walking away from a man I thought I would spend forever with. That had been a rough year and you continued to pursue a friendship after I continued ignoring your advances and living my life only in my feelings.  The truth is I couldn’t completely see you because I was still in love with him and I couldn’t take your feelings serious because I didn’t know my own feelings.  My love with every tear that seemed to fall within the shadows of my room in the comfort of my bed I yearned for the attention I lacked and ended up seeing a person willing to sit in the dark with me. You were willing to listen to my worries and introduced the concept of what my own family would be like one day. You offered me complete spiritual conversation, constant motivation, and showed me what a provider is about even when dollars are short. You have explained your love through actions and I just needed to hear them come out of your mouth after seeing the work.

Faith without work is dead and I feel love is the same concept. You can love me all you want but if you aren’t willing to fight and work through the issues the love we share is dead. You fought for me even when I begin to give up on you because our relationship wasn’t perfect in the beginning. I pushed for commitment and you fought against it; I fought to be your one and only you fought to be your own man. But now… I’m glad that we had met for common ground and I love you. I love you as far as the seas reach and deep down in my heart just as deep as those same seas. I love you as wide as the blue sky and want to lay in the snug area on your chest where everything seems to make sense. I love you from the time you open your eyes to the time you close them. I love that you are my best friend. I would label you as royal as a king but kings have concubines and exploit their queens so I’ll just call you  my superman. I am forever indebted for the kisses you bless all over my body, indebted for the corrections of my actions when others keep quiet, indebted for the baby naming conversations, indebted for praying and reading and deciphering the bible with me,  indebted you made me a step mother so I could share my life with you and your daughter. Indebted… indebted that you chose me to settle down and mature with… to love me with all of my flaws… indebted to love me at all… I’m completely in love with what we built … there is no one else I’d rather grow with… I’m forever indebted

Forever yours,



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