Involuntary Love Part Two

Involuntary Love

RECAP: Shit like this happened in movies and on television; he wanted to run off but his mother hadn’t raised him from anything. He watched her, read her, and knew that he wouldn’t make the wrong choice…

“I will.” Without saying another word, he placed his arm around her neck and lifted her into his arms. She could no longer hold her eyelids open and she slept; slept, but dreamt of her possibilities. It was pouring down raining in her dream she was completely soaked and she could see her bleeding body; she inched over to the body and stared down into her own face. The water beat down onto her face and there was a knife sticking out of her chest with a note in her hand. She ripped the note out of her own hands completely drenched from the rain teeth chattering from the cold front. When she opened the note it read: Til’ death do us part! She knew who had done this and shrieked uncontrollably until she opened her eyes to a hospital room, baby blue curtain sheltering her away from the rest of the patients, and the man that helped her slept in a chair beside her.

He had stayed with her when she had no one else afraid that someone was going to attempt to mistreat her after what she been through. It was a lot of trouble to stay with a complete stranger, but after looking at her after she was cleaned up and sleeping he recognized that her fair skin and almond-shaped eyes. He traveled back and forth between leaving and staying everyday trying to make sure he wasn’t being creepy and contemplating if his damsel would approve of him being there. Though, he didn’t want to be the creeper he couldn’t leave her there alone; he was too worried about the bastard that had even done this to her in the first place. Her shrieking yanked him back into reality that he was in front of her and this would be the moment of truth. He closed his eyes back just to appear sleep and to keep her calm.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re inside of the hospital.”

“What hospital?”

“Kennestone Hospital.”

“I drove you away from where I found you just in case you know? The way you were beat up didn’t seem like you needed to be anywhere near that place.” She had a saline iv in her arm so she knew that she was no longer dehydrated but needed some ice, water, or something to cool her throat.

“Please get me some water.” She mumbled. He acted quick, maneuvered the bed up and held the cup as she drank the water.

“Thank you so much.”

“The nurses and the detective have been waiting for you to wake up so let me go and get them and once both of them are out of your hairs we can get to know each other.” He suggested sweetly.

“Okay, thank you.”  He did as he said he would and she didn’t know what else to do but to allow her body resting time. She answered every question the detective asked, but lied. She didn’t want to deal with him and wanted to try and get back to life before him. Giving the police everything they needed would mean she’d have to hide out then go into testifying, and completely lose who she had started to be and she didn’t want that taken away. Who wanted to start over after already starting over? Who wanted to deal with a person that would never let you forget? She was drained from thinking let alone thinking of other lies to hide the lies she had always told detectives. Though she was in deep thought about her current situation one thing she couldn’t stop thinking about—the main across from her.  She still couldn’t believe that he stayed with her throughout the whole ordeal.

He analyzed the woman as she answered the questions to the detectives and he could tell she wasn’t telling the truth. It was none of his business; he shouldn’t have even been there with in this strange ass situation with this strange ass woman. Black people never stuck around that long what they hell was he doing? He fought himself on the inside. Her eyes pierced his and he wouldn’t leave.




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