Love Me Like

Poem by  Carolyn Empress Poetry Layne. Follow her on Twitter @EmpressPoetry

Love Me Like…

 Love me like my daddy loved me

So I am reminded of the Queen I am

Like rain drops in a summer storm

Like a lion shielding his family from harm

Love me

Love me like you do in my day dreams

Warm and passionate

Drawing soft erotic screams

Love me like, a millionaire loves his money

Like a bear yearning for his honey

Like, like Rah loved Isis

I’ll be your pupil if you will be my iris

Love me fierce

Like our forefathers fought for our freedom

Like you know I’m the one to help you rule your Kingdom

Love me like, a mother does her newborn child

Look into my eyes

Speak into our future with a smile

Like, a father determined to make his son proud

I’ll be your beacon if you find yourself lost in the crowd

Love me like a poet loves his pen

Like I’m a part of your brotherhood, let me in

So I can give you more

Show you every side there is to me

Allow you to explore

But first you have to love me

Love me like, I am un-chartered waters

Like you know I am the Most High’s daughter

Love me without the trick mirrors

Like it’s your destiny to be my hero

Like, a professional boxer loves his hands

Like the occupy Wall   St. protesters

Should still be making their demands

Love me like a citizen should understand their rights

Like we know the dream didn’t die with Martin

And now is the time to fight

Love me like


Is my middle name

Like my flavor is the same savored

By those who have tasted fame

Love me like, this was meant to be

Like I am unique

Because that’s what my daddy told me

Love me.

All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s work or ideas.


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