Loving A Woman Part 1

Poem by  Jeffrey V. Perry. Follow her on Twitter @JeffreyVPerry

Loving A Woman Part 1

Loving a woman is to never

Give her love

Never hold her close

Never whisper sweet nothings

Into her ear

Because once you do-

You open up her treasure

And capture her pleasure

To say, you will always be true.

When I love

I will give all that I have

Even if it is just for

That time or two

Because love is like a day

There is always another on the way

Just as the sun is true

It may shine the day through

Or it could rain the day blue

Loving a woman

Opening up to her treasure

You must pay with gold

Through and through

But life is not just one,

Rain or shine

Rings far from just “I love you”

So small the truth

All we go thru

To love a woman

How a man swears he stops

Loving too

But like clockwork

As much pride is hurt

A new love, a new day due

Those who refuse

This good news

Sit outside in the rain

Because love is like hope

No matter how bleak

Love springs eternal again

Loving a woman

Is loving yourself

Because you both care

Love is not just giving love

                                                                    But living the love you share!

All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s work or ideas.


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