Let’s Make Love

Poem by  Lashuntrice Bradley.

Let’s Make Love

Open your eyes

See the beauty in front of you

Let the chemistry run wild

I Want To Make Love To You

No television

No slow jams

Just heavy breathing setting the mood

Come And Love Me

Let our hands roam wild

Your skin’s so soft

Allow me to get my feel

Then taste it with my mouth

Make Me Feel Loved

Create intense passion

Whisper softly in my ear

Kiss me everywhere

Tonight you got me

My body all over your body

Seems Like We’re Ready For Love

So no emotional games

No backing out once it’s started

Just both of us driving each other beautifully insane

Doesn’t matter the sex position

We’ll be physically connected

And together we’ll erase worlds of pain

Make Love To Me

Open up your heart

Give me your trust

Tonight We’ll Make Love

Not because we’re horny

But because it feels so right

All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s work or ideas.

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