He Makes me Say

Poem by  Infinite.

He Makes Me Say

This is a story about the bittersweet of love

The taste in your mouth left

Cravin’ for


Or crying

no more

It all starts with the plea

Baby be

gentle with my heart

I don’t do this everyday

Every time that I am near to you

The only thing that I can say



He made me feel red, white, and blue

With no intentions of being patriotic

 I was Red, for the passion we shared

White, ‘cuz I genuinely cared

 And every time we parted ways,

I felt kinda Blue

He made me feel red, white, and blue

‘Cuz I was crazy,

‘Cuz I was sexy

‘Cuz I was cool.

He made me feel Red, White, and Blue

‘Cuz I saw fireworks each and every single time

that we intertwined

Now how can someone

Look into your eyes and make love to your mind

Thought patterns so close

They could intersect

And create plaid designs

When I saw him I heard chimes

He put silver linings around my cloud nine

He was making me high

He was the sea and I was the boat

On top of him I would float

Waves crashin’ in passion

I’m gaspin’ for air

Only thing that you can hear with just one stare is



He extended his arm

Pinching my shirt

Said “Why don’t you come close to me?”

Now how do you tell someone

You know don’t love you back

“I just want you to make love to me.”

Picture the internal agony

As instant chemistry blows up in your face

Heart aches knowing

Another woman shares your space

And it ain’t big enough for the two of you

So what do you do?


You say

Baby be gentle with my heart

 And your palms start to sweat

Your carnal common sense tellin’ you

take what you can get

you wanna give so much of you

‘till ain’t nothing left


I don’t do this everyday

Knowing you’ll never speak again

the moment you walk away

The only thing that you can say is


All poems are copyrighted. Do not STEAL anyone’s work or ideas.


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