Do NOT Let Your Friends be JUMP OFFS

jumppIt’s time to make a public announcement people because it’s about time we put the issue on the table.  I can’t beg enough when I beg you please do not let your friends be jump offs. There is a new shortage of good women and it’s because friends aren’t keeping it one hundred percent honest. As a friend, it is your duty to be completely honest with your close friends especially when her actions can possibly label you a jump.  It may seem like I’m joking and writing this off as a joke, but I promise you I mean everything I say when I ask you to stop worrying about hurting feelings and start speaking the truth.

According to Urban Dictionary a jump off is a man or woman strictly used for sex; now let’s be honest everyone has that friend that doesn’t have the highest standards and cannot distinguish what’s sexually beneficial versus what’s relationally beneficial. If you can distinguish between the two then you have to speak the hell up. It’s like this— good women are the women who seem to be lacking in the relationship department because they require the men that come into their life to respect them, show them they desire a possible future, and require men to treat them a certain way. Jump offs are usually unaware they are being made a jump off until after they have been smashed or simply do not give a damn about it. They are easily persuaded for sexual use and if they are persuaded by other item such as Mary Jane, “fancy” dinners, and whatever glitzy things they are instantly degraded but sadly it’s on them.

Do NOT let your friend’s parade around being a jump around you at least; it’s like you can’t control you friend, but you don’t want to be surrounded by a person with no standards. If you notice that your friend is jumping man to man and is not acknowledging it then please be the voice of reason, “Look love this dude isn’t benefitting you in any situation. You deserve much better; stop giving it up so easy because I am tired of hearing about the failure of your rendezvous.” It’s that simple. I think I may be stepping on toes with saying don’t let your friend be a jump, but I had to say it for all the real readers. It may throw off the balance for all the men with jumps, but regardless if it works or not at least you had the audacity to open your mouth and call a spade a spade.


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