Love is Still There

Poem was written by: Marques Lewis. Follow him on Twitter.

Love is Still There

Take a deep breath…..trying to relax the mind……ok are you ready?

You know I think about you from time to time, matter of fact all the time

I think about what if those mistakes we both had could have never happen

Where would be today, do I still love you….I don’t know, but is love still in my heart….yes

What if you was the one for me and we are just taking a break getting to know each other deep down

We put in a lot of time being with each other and maybe we just need some time to get to know each other

You’re everything I wanted and I really don’t like us being apart, I can still feel each other in each other arms

God do I think about that day when we first kiss, lighting candles and making love, you felt so good

But those arguments, those shouting matches, the things that just kept us apart, what if none of it never happened

I want to put you aside and work on the future but what if you are my future….sometimes I don’t know what to do

I try to move on but no one has ever came close to you, and it scares me, but I don’t know if you are happy or sad,

If you are happy then I hate that shit, because you should be happy with me, and if you are sad I want to rescue you

I want us back together but if it isn’t written I can’t do nothing about it, but just know deep down in my heart your love is still there

Okay, now I am done hopefully showing how much I am scared to move on, but willing, but if you are the one then you know where home is.

You know the number, you know how time can make you a better person, and you know love is here….

Until we meet again or not…..just know love is still there for you….

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