Magic Hair Company: Beautiful hair for beautiful women

2bc front Magic Hair Company has taken over the remy hair market by far serving celebrities and the average woman with beautiful quality hair and a dose of fabulosity. Pardon My Audacity had a chance to sit down and talk with the creator of the company, Janiece Russell.

Jas: When did Magic Hair Company turn from a dream to a reality?

JR: I would say that it turned from a dream to a reality September 2011 when I first launched the first website. We are actually launching another website by the end of this week, but the first website was launched September 2011. God gave me a vision in May 2011 and I was just like just put these to work and I actually took off my last quarter of college to develop the company and make sure everything was right before I launched it. I believed in it that much so I eventually went back and finished my degree but I launched the official website September 2011.

hair4 - Copy             

                Jas: What influences helped you form this idea?

                JR: A lot of the influence came from family and friends; my last three years of college I paid for my schooling by doing hair and with that experience I learned about a lot of different companies that were around, a lot of the companies that’s on the website, and where women were getting their hair from and the problems they were having. The commonality was everyone wanted good quality, long-lasting hair and I searched high and low that’s what helped me find good quality hair. I also have a good family friend that travels to India every few months and we talked about our different ideas together and she was like you can do this, if anyone can do this I know it’s you and you’re going to do it the best way possible and perfect it.


Janiece Russell, CEO of Magic Hair Company

               Jas: What are your store specialties?

              JR: We specialize in virgin Remy hair; virgin hair is hair that is chemically unprocessed hair that’s not processed for color or texture and Remy hair means its sewn on the weft the exact same way it grows out of a woman’s scalp. So we have wefted hair, we have Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, and Filipino hair we also have virgin clip in, we have closures which are very popular now because they protect your hair, we have frontals, and we will be introducing our wig line of U-part wigs and glue less wigs on the brand new website.

             Jas: Who is your target market?

            JR: My target market is just women who want to be beautiful and want to be fabulous and wear the best quality hair and women that just really appreciate good hair.


           Jas: Where do you want to see this Company go?

           JR: This year I do plan on opening a Magic Hair Company store. We are currently shopping for a store front in Southern California; we are deciding right now between Los Angeles area and Inland Empire area but we will have a store within the next three months. We’re just looking for the perfect location.

hair 2

          Jas: Where can readers find you?

         JR: Our website is We are on IG:MagicHairCo. Twitter is @MagicHairCo and FB:


Up close and personal with her fabulous hair, CEO of Magic Hair Co. Janiece Russell

Here are few celeb clients Magic Hair Co. works with:

1. Tweet

2. Christina Milian

3. Momma Dee and Shay

4. Monifah

5. Karlie Redd

There you have it ladies, a strong company with fabulous product and a phenomenal woman running it. If you are looking for great quality hair and great prices be sure to contact Janiece Russell at any of her media links. Pardon My Audacity believes in all things fabulous and we support any black owned business with great customer service and a beautiful product.

It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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