Involuntary Love Part 3

Involuntary Love


Recap: He analyzed the woman as she answered the questions to the detectives and he could tell she wasn’t telling the truth. It was none of his business; he shouldn’t have even been there with in this strange ass situation with this strange ass woman. Black people never stuck around that long what they hell was he doing? He fought himself on the inside. Her eyes pierced his and he wouldn’t leave.

“You were too convincing with the answers you gave the detective a while ago.” Green eyes spoke after ten minutes of silence.

“It was the truth.” She barely reported.

“Didn’t seem like it and I know if I know you were lying believe me the detectives know too.” She looked like she wanted to cry but she wouldn’t allow it. Her mother always taught her to be strong and that tears were a sign of weakness. She needed to be strong, aware, and alert of her situation.

“Listen I appreciate you helping me but I don’t need another interrogation. Who are you to question me?” She barely got it out.

“I understand that.” He replied diverting his eyes in shame.

“I’m sorry. Who are you?”

“My name is Tariq Johnson. I’m a physical therapist, no kids, no wife, and clearly Superman.” He joked but she refused to smile.

“Come on Stacy Harrington smile for me.” He said her name and she smiled for the first time in a long time.

“I haven’t been in much of a smiling mood lately.”

“I completely understand.”

“How long have I been here?”

“Two days.”

“What’s today’s date?”


“I’ve been gone for more than a week and a half.” Without saying another word she turned her back to Tariq. She wasn’t raised to be a rude woman but in situations like the one she was in she didn’t know how to act toward a complete stranger. Was she supposed to act as if he didn’t find her half dead and crawling in the mud? This was the first time she had ever felt completely lost with absolutely no guidance. It seemed that every time she’d take two steps forward it resulted into three steps back. Somewhere between rationalizing the situation and remembering her wedding dress she dozed off.

“Listen I will be back soon… stop raising your voice Aliyah… we aren’t even together anymore! It was one time of sex and you acting like it was by choice… we were both drunk… I am still seeing her and I have to go. Yeah … bye.” Tariq face was frowned up and he was irritated. He had opened a can of worms in his own life with his ex-fiancé and wished he hadn’t. What the fuck am I doing here? He thought to himself as he tapped his foot on the ground repetitively. Not only was his ex-fiancé contacting him the woman that had been in and out his life for sex and conversations began to notice his disappearing act. He had more women problem and added a complete stranger to his own issues and for what? He was guaranteed nothing. Nothing but unresolved issues with a woman that blatantly lied to officers trying to help solve the crime committed against her. The deeper he dealt with the situation at hand the more confused he seemed to become.

“What are you thinking about?” Stacy’s voiced alerted him.

“Nothing.” He responded.

“Well, who are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about my office is all. Nothing more important than that, but how are you feeling?”

“I want to get out of this creepy hospital. I’m ready to get in  my own bed.”

“I can understand that love. Let’s just chill and really see what they are saying about discharge.” The two sat up and began to exchange small details about one another and Tariq realized that there was something in her voice that attracted him to her. As the two began to talk more they ended up actually enjoying the evening.

The sun kissed Stacy’s forehead as it exposed itself to her  through the thin curtains. The blue curtains that were hiding her were now open as the room only contained Tariq and Stacy. Tariq sat uncomfortably in the chair beside the bed snoring lightly. Stacy watched his chest rise and fall as her chest did the same. She could breathe again. As Tariq slept Stacy slid out of the bed ever so quietly not to wake him. He was a handsome man that looked about six feet five inches, mahogany colored skin with a muscular build. She hated to do what she was getting ready to do but the hospital wasn’t a good place for her to be. She grabbed her ribs as she found a bag with her clothes in it. From the stench and the looks of it she knew she couldn’t put them on. Stacy hopped around trying to find anything that would cover her ass from the open back gown but couldn’t. Her legs didn’t ache as much as before but they still hurt from hopping around she didn’t want to give up her search but she was starting to realize this would be a lost cause without real clothing.


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