Atlanta Wrap Wives

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Pandora Harris, wrapologist and Atl Wrap Wife herself

Pardon My Audacity is always looking for new health trends. On this journey, I ran across Atlanta Wrap Wife herself, Pandora Harris and got a personalized wrap and I don’t want to spill the beans but I lost two pounds after my wrap. These results aren’t always likely, but you never know what you’re going to get when trying a new health trend.

            Jas: Tell the readers who you are, how you found your great company, and why you chose to get involved with the wraps.

PH: My name is Pandora and I’m a distributor for a health and wellness company called “IT Works.” I was introduced to the company by one of my childhood friends. One day she posted on her Facebook “Ladies I have what you need to get that tummy flat.”  I was ecstatic because I had gained weight and tried different diets that would help me lose but really slow so I would become discouraged and quit.  So I reached out to my friend and said “Sign me up as a distributor.”  I trust her judgment about ways to make money so I knew this would be a good business for me. So she signed me up and I became “Atlanta Wrap Wives.”

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Jas: Have you used your own product? How did your first wrap work?

            PH: My package came and after my first wrap all I could yell was “It Works!”   The product is so amazing that it looked like my stomach had deflated like a basketball.  From October to November 2012 I used the body wrap and two other products the company offers and I lost 20lbs! I had become the billboard for my business and the great thing is it’s NOT water weight that you are losing.

Jas: What exactly does the wrap do?

PH: The body wrap helps to detox toxins out of the body and shrinks the fat cells. This “crazy wrap thing” is so great that you can wrap any body part and you only have to wrap once a week for 45 minutes!  After I lost the weight I started promoting and have been helping women and men all over the world, including London to achieve their fitness goals.

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Jas: Do you love what you do? What other services do you offer?

PH: Yes! I love my business and have been recognized by some people because they’ve seen me on a social network. It’s crazy when they come up to me yelling “Omg your Atlanta Wrap Wives, I want to get wrapped.”  The other services I provide are private wrap sessions and I do wrap parties for my clients. When my clients host Wrap Parties they are wrapped for Free!  We do body wraps, facials, I teach them about the products and I do a consultation on what products would help them achieve their fitness goals.

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Speaking with Pandora got me excited for her products and I tried a wrap myself. It was a small paper with detox lotion and then a tight saran wrap on top. I was skeptical at first until I started ingesting water and felt the tingle of the wrap working. I wanted great results and so I left my wrap on a little longer than 45 minutes and it benefit me quite well. I would suggest anyone to try a wrap once and have a wrap party for you and your girlfriends. Not only will your body benefit and detox, but it will give you something new to add to your beauty regimen. Remember that I’ve only tried this product once, but plan to try it again because it’s a regimen one time is not the charm but once every week is! Like all things Pardon My Audacity it’s quite fabulous to try and enhance your fabulosity!

You can reach Pandora online at FaceBook and Contact her:


Ladies, remember: It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!


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