Khyai Natural Hair Oil by Ty Samuels


Pardon My Audacity is presenting a new product on the market for natural hair called Khyai Natural Hair Oil. This collection of oils are alcohol free for all different types of hair and we over at PMA can’t stop raving about the product for personal reasons.  Ty Samuels, creator of the oil line, sent me a person Coconut Lime Argon Oil and I’ve been utilizing the oil for my braids and my hair in a whole. PMA had a girls’ talk with the creator and businesswoman Ty Samuels:

Jas: What’s name of your company and give background info on the company ?
TS: My Company’s name is Khyai Natural Hair Oils. The company is named after my son Khyai and was started 2 years ago. My products are all traditionally hand made with NO alcohol.


Ty Samuels, Creator of Khyai Natural Hair Oils

Jas:  What does your brand offer African American women?
TS: My product offers African American women a product that can be used by everyone in the household. I have custom made oils catering to thin hair, thick hair, braids, and locs. My oils are made from the finest essential oils and carrier oils and adds moisture and hydrates the hair and scalp; by making the natural hair journey a little easier. My products gives you everything your hair needs to be healthy while promoting growth while being AFFORDABLE at the same time. 

Jas: In what store will your hair products be?
TS: My products will be in Forever beauty supply store located  8081 West Broad street in Richmond, VA 23294. It will hit the shelf 02/23/2013
Jas: Where can readers find your product online?
TS: They can find my products and order them .I have fast 2 -3 day delivery.
Jas: Where do you see your business growing too?
TS: I foresee my business growing into a popular house hold brand that will be used for years to come.



The Coconut Lime Argon

The Coconut Lime Argon oil that I’ve been using is a Shea butter based oil. Its coconut based hair oils are for men and women with oily and thin hair.  It’s a non greasy product and adds a beautiful luster to hair and scalp. I keep my hair braided up and sewn-up though my hair touches the top of my back so whenever I’m washing and treating my hair I began to dab on my oil and use it consistently softening my hair, creating a stimulating massage to the root and scalp promoting hair growth, and all around adding luster to my dull hair. I would recommend trying the product before ignoring my plea especially natural black women. This product is everything you use in one collection. Reach out to Ty for your own personal bottle of Khyai Natural Hair oil and remember It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!


2 thoughts on “Khyai Natural Hair Oil by Ty Samuels

  1. thank you so much for the tips, I love hair oil, specially pro naturals moroccan argan oil which keeps my hair soft, shiny and healthy.

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