S.Garvey: Haute Couture

3Pardon My Audacity came in contact with one of the hottest designers in the game. With bold colors, edgy designs, and a designer with just as much versatility as her line S. Garvey hit Atlantic City Fashion week and had a chance to leave its mark. PMA had a chance to sit down with the brilliant designer for one-on-one fashion talk.

Jas: What inspired you to begin to designing?

SG: I was first influenced mainly by my mom, father, aunt Genneive, and both grandmothers played the biggest role when it came to style. My whole family is Jamaican and we love to be bright and stand out. Any parties, weddings etc., they had custom pieces made; and my paternal grandmother is a seamstress. I have been sketching/drawing since I was in the 5th grade when I moved to Georgia from New York. I had no relatives or siblings around so that’s what I would do all day, it became a hobby then a passion. My mom bought me a sewing machine when I was in the 11th grade and I NEVER used it because I didn’t understand it. In 2006 after graduating high school, I moved to NJ with my father and one day in 2009, I finally started using the sewing machine after he sent me to a basic sewing class. Everything I know is self-taught.


Sam Garvey, Designer.

Jas: If there was another thing you couldn’t live without other than designing what would it be?

SG: I couldn’t live without music! Music is and will always be my first love. Believe it or not, my ultimate goal (well after becoming a worldwide known designer) is to produce music.

Jas: How would you describe your brand?

SG: I call S.Garvey ‘Eclectic Chic’ like myself. My line involves bright colors, color blocking and a mix of fabrication. I want the individuals who wear my clothing to have that feeling of no one will have a piece like this on, unless they have the same piece from S.Garvey. It’s for that fearless woman, and soon men.


Jas: Can you describe some of the pieces you are highlighting today?

SG: These pieces are edgy, bold, and for the fearless; the individual I design for.

Jas: If you could think of one word for your line, what would it be?

SG: Bold


Jas: What other projects are you working on right now?

SG: Sheesh I’m working on too much right now. I just started looking around for a publicist because a sistah needs help! But right now I’m definitely working on my Fall/Winter 2013 look book, magazine editorial submissions, my website, networking; Basically branding my line and myself.

Jas: Where can the readers find you?

SG: My website is now www.sgarveycollection.com (launching March 10th)

Shop Site: http://www.sgarveycollection.bigcartel.com

Instagram: Sgarvey_collection

Facebook: Sgarveydesigns

Jas: What is next for Sam Garvey?

SG: What’s next is to just take over the fashion industry and break barriers in the skin color department, show everyone what I’m really capable of. I’m ready to get back into doing more haute couture pieces and show everyone what I’m REALLY made of.


PMA urges all my top fashionistas to cop a few piece of the line and live bold with “Eclectic Chic”. This designer has pieces for every type of girl for the runway or for a night out on the town. Remember ladies, It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!


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