First Female Artist Spotlight: Summer Azul

Summer Azul 1Pardon My Audacity is run by a woman that means business and it is our complete pleasure to introduce our first female artist spotlight Summer Azul. Summer Azul is not your “Nicki Minaj” or your “Trina” she is a versatile artist with a different sound and a different message. She was named “Hottest Underground Artist” on 50cent’s Hip Hop website and is making a name for herself on the songs she’s been featured on. She’s not the typical artist; her multicultural background, the languages she speaks and her tenacity to become one of the greatest made her a great candidate for the blog.  PMA had a chance to catch up with the artist, actress, deejay and radio personality for a little one on one.

                Jas: Tell the readers about who Summer Azul is.

SA: I consider myself to be an overall entertainer. I am an actress, a music artist, as well as a DJ/Radio Personality. I am a trained fighter, dancer and I have even modeled in the past. I love every aspect of the entertainment world and I explore all of my talents!

                Jas: Where did you get the name Summer Azul?

                SA: I am Indian/French Creole ( mixture of Indian, African, Spanish, French, Irish, Chinese and Brazilian), My name is my chosen Indian name. It embodies the beauty of the sky.. a Summer Blue sky.

                Jas: How has it been being a female in the entertainment industry?

                SA: I believe that everyone in the industry will face the same trials but of course there are a few other obstacles that females seem to encounter. Many people try to look over you or count you out just because you have a pretty face or a nice figure. They believe you may not have the talent to match the appearance. Only after taking a moment to actually see what it is that we (females) have to offer will someone actually give credit to us a “real artist”. I think we have to work twice as hard to be looked at in the same light as a male artist, but I also think that is what makes us stronger and better as entertainers. I don’t mind working hard for something I believe in and I believe in myself.

Summer Azul 3

Jas: So you are also a deejay right? Tell the readers if and where they can listen to you?

SA: YES! I am a DJ/Radio personality on Florida’s Hot94.4 fm and Wid103.6 fm. You can tune in worldwide online. There’s more info on my website

Jas: How would you describe your style?

SA: I think that I’m unique. Because I am mixed and I include a lot of culture in my style I seem to be extremely versatile. In terms of music, I keep things exciting as well as fun and of course sexy. I love making music that everyone can enjoy and that’s why I have so many genres. (Hip Hop, Reggae Dance Hall, House, Dance/Pop and Dubstep) I just do what I love.

Jas: How would you describe your brand?

SA: Summer Azul is worldwide so naturally I am multicultural. The Summer Azul brand is authentic and people can relate to me. I am real and I am the same as everyone else when I tell my story I am telling your story.


Jas: In a sea full of new artist and a male dominated industry, what makes you stand out?

SA: Just simply being me. I have always been eccentric and I think that people are drawn to that. I am open and I am giving my all to everything that I am a part of. My fans (Azul Army) seem to appreciate that. I stand out because I stand alone.

Summer Azul track “Going Ham” is here for you to listen. Make sure you tell us what you think.


Be sure to check out Summer Azul on all her sites: Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and YouTube. Her sound is eclectic and different something refreshing from what we hear on the radio every day. This has been the first female artist spotlight with Summer Azul and  Remember ladies, It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!


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