Poetic Rhythm: Edgy and Creative

Poetic_Rhythm_AW13_ValenciaPardon My Audacity has met up with yet another maaaaajor designer with a fiiieeerrrcceeee line that’s been featured in New York Fashion Week. Poetic Rhythm is an edgy line for women who desire to be fashionable, trendy, and on top of the world. The brainchild behind this brand Shannen Azuredee gave PMA a chance to learn more about her, the line, and where the line will be in the future.

Jas: What inspired you to begin to designing?

SA: When I was six I wanted I wanted an optional wardrobe for my Barbie doll other than the outfit she came with. My grandmother being a seamstress herself, taught me to hand sew. She didn’t tone it down cause it was for a doll. She taught me the correct way. Can you imagine learning to place sleeves in a blouse at six? It was challenging at the time but amazing. It is an experience I will forever cherish especially since my grandmother have since passed. I’d like to believe she’d be so proud of me.

Jas: If there was another thing you couldn’t live without other than designing what would it be?

SA: Hands down that would be my almost nine year old son. He’s my heart and soul.

Jas: How would you describe your brand?

SA: Poetic Rhythm is a clothing brand that caters to the style and fashion for the everyday woman- feminine, edgy yet sophisticated and refined.


Jas: Can you describe some of the pieces you are highlighting today?

SA: The pieces are from my AW13 collection that was showcased in February for NYFW entitled ‘Push Play’. The theme for me signified ‘the beginning’ as in there is much more to come from Poetic Rhythm. My favorite look is the vest and shorts. My entire collection features items I would wear myself that’s why they are a great representation of my style. I’m a Poetic Rhythm woman. Are you? 🙂

Jas: If you could think of one word for your line, what would it be?

SA: Edgy.


Jas: What other projects are you working on right now?

SA: I’m currently working on my Resort14 collection to showcase at Summer Sizzle which is a fashion weekend in the British Virgin Islands. The show takes place annually in July by the show’s founder Terry Donovan.


Jas: Where can the readers find you?

SA: Everywhere haha. FB: http://facebook.com/PoeticRhythm Twitter:http://twitter.com/PoeticRhythmNY IG: poeticrhythm Pinterest:http://pinterest.com/poeticrhythm


Jas: What is next for the line?

SA: My brand will be six in June of this year. I’m already in a few boutiques and just debut my first runway show at New York Fashion Week this past February. I think for now I’ll concentrate on manufacturing my pieces to make them available on my site. I have my sight set on London Fashion, Paris Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week (in that order). I’d also like obtain a contract with a major department store like H&M, Saks or Macys. I’m just totally excited that my dreams are finally coming true.

Shannen Azuredee, Designer and creator of Poetic Rhythm

Shannen Azuredee, Designer and creator of Poetic Rhythm

There you have it ladies another edgy line making it possible for the edgy women to express themselves through a great line. Make sure to find Poetic Rhythm  and follow the movement supporting another great designer with a creative mind.  Remember ladies, It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!


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