For my Beginners: Studio Mascara and Shadow Shield

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Jasmine B. Stroud of CoLargee Artistry

It’s a Friday evening and you have big plans for the night. Maybe a romantic dinner with that special someone or maybe a fantastic night out, either way your end goal before you leave the house is to look your “Le Fashionista” best. However, you acquire the same problem every time you put your face on: THE TRAVESTY of FALLEN SHADOW POWDER or the leftover mascara on your eyelids once you’ve curled them perfectly.

Mascara and shadow shields are the hottest thing on the market right now for pros and beginners alike. By taking away the guess work and worry as to where the shadow will fall you can truly focus on highlighting the top third of the face. The shields are mass produced and sold by many companies, but I am going to feature my top two favorites; one pro tool and one disposable brand for my on-the-go Fashionistas.

What it’s used for:
Shadow Shields eliminate the mess involved in creating various eye looks. The moon-shaped or disposable self-adhesives lay smooth under your eyes to catch falling pigment, eliminating that all too familiar raccoon eye side effect experienced during eyeshadow application. Major time savers, these lightweight shields are a convenient alternative to the usual powder-under-the-eye trick that is always used in great conjunction as a back up.

E.L.F. Studio Mascara and Shadow Shield

The first studio mascara and shadow shield is made by a brand I am sure most of you are familiar with–E.L.F.© is sold online as well as in target stores and at an inexpensive $3.00 has also been featured in WWD and Real Simple magazines and is definitely worth a try.


Shadow Shields Eyeshadow Shields

The second brand of shadow shields I am featuring are disposable! Yes, disposable! These primarily protect from shadow, but can also be used for mascara too. These disposables by Shadow Shields© are sold online at for a still inexpensive $10 and feature a light adhesive that hold them in place as you apply shadow. These were such a hot item they were even featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. These offer a great on the go for a quick touch-up when quickly transitioning your make-up from day to night without reapplying the full face.


These quick tips I’m about to give you will solve shadow problems in a snap.

1. After you have applied your full application of primers and foundation but before you have applied your final concealers (if you use them). Apply a light finishing powder to catch any pigment that could miss the shadow shield. By doing this you will be able to make a quick clean up at any mistakes you may encounter on your first time around.

2. Once you have your shadow shield in place, go ahead and apply each layer of your shadow

3. Once your shadow is to your liking remove the shadow shield and with a small brush, Kabuki will do dust the excess powder from underneath your eyes and with it will go any minuscule mistakes and make for a flawless look like so.

Chao Le Fashionistas,

Jasmine Stroud



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