Oh, I see we’ve grown apart: Losing Dead Weight

hands  Alright people, Pardon My Audacity but I have to say this: every friend you start with is not a friend you will end with and that’s life. We start off with a person when we are on the same level or going through the same things, however you will not always be on the same level.

People tend to change and when they do you either see growth or you see the same person you met when you were twelve full of immature drama. It’s always harder to lose an old friend than a boyfriend in my opinion. You have shared so much with that person that losing that person will hurt you and you try to hold on. Ever notice that when that person pisses you off you are BEYOND pissed? It’s because you expect something more from there and for them. It’s because you can see their potential even when they can’t. It’s because you want to love them as your sister/brother for forever. But none of that matters, if they don’t want that for themselves.

Sometimes you just have to let go of dead weight. It’s hard; you hurt, they hurt, and sometimes it gets ugly. But here are some tips to make it a better situation:

  1. Be honest. Before you let go of the friend take a moment to have a heart to heart. It may not work so let that person know that you are parting ways.
  2. Cut off all communication. If you are mean it then cut off communication.
  3. Don’t be mean. Be cordial and wish them luck. A lot of time people start being rude and sarcastic ignoring how you feel but don’t turn up just be you and be honest. That’s real.

If you find that this is you and your situation then follow these steps and eliminate unwanted and unnecessary drama.


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