Wtf happened to lasting relationships?

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Ever caught yourself admiring your grandparent’s relationship or someone who has been together for years and thought WTF has happened to our generations of relationships? Personally, I have. It seems that people are jumping into these (excuse me, but…) half-ass acquaintances that result in hurt feelings, unplanned pregnancies, or STD’s.

Now from a woman’s point of view, we never want to hear or realize the truth of our situation blinded by how great “D” is laid down or the material factors and when our feelings are hurt we go into “Psycho Girlfriend/stalker” mode. If you are a woman that has a stigma attached like gold digger or easy then why are your expectations marriage or serious relationship? Honestly, we have to first be honest with ourselves and our situations we place ourselves in and not act crazy when we get the results of what we worked hard to get.

Now from a man’s point of view, you go after what is easy just for the end result—the nut. I think the expression is why buy milk if you can get the cow for free right? And I can agree with that. However, that great “D” you putting on this insecure woman will bite you in the ass as soon as you chuck them deuces. If you are young I understand the message of getting whatever is thrown your way, but isn’t it tiring for both parties? That crazy woman that you HELPED make crazy is now calling you consistently and playing the role you helped create—a fairytale. What did you expect though?

I have a couple theories for why relationships aren’t lasting in 2013? Here they are:

  1. No one understands real love anymore. Real love isn’t based on financial statuses or material objects. Many of you out here are basing the love you give on if HE (yes, ladies y’all do this) gives you certain things and if he has a job that makes five or six figures. When has love ever been based on materials or money? Okay, I’ll wait for your response.
  2. No one works together as a unit. Everyone is in relationships but don‘t support or communicate anything to one another so it’s two separate entities trying to be a unit with no communication lines. When one is down; one is just down and that’s not how it supposed to work. Now I’m not saying give up your individuality I’m saying understand what you are trying to build and don’t allow your partner to go through anything alone.
  3. No Examples at home. Little girls are growing up without father figures and mothers who are bitter about their ex’s and little boys are growing up without role models teaching them how to be a real man and so we’re a generation of confused, fast-ass kids, and searching for love and how to be a man. Those of us without a father that’s not your fault, but be better than the person you are trying so hard not to be like.

These are a couple of my theories. You can agree or you don’t have too, but I realize the bigger picture for my life is to be a strong woman with a strong man creating an empire for our lives. What are you dating for? I’m just saying… Pardon My Audacity.


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