Fashion Week Make Up Trends for 2013

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As warmth spreads across the western hemisphere, we are all beginning to surveil our fashion and creative choices for spring and summer asking ourselves what the top trends are going to be. Well I’ll be your go-to-guide as you take to mastering your favorite make up looks. As fashion weeks launch across Europe and North America the top trends for this spring and summer are beginning to emerge.

Graphic and tribal trends are very in this season. From classic black and white graphics to multi-color facets graphic and tribal prints are definitely going to be one of this warm seasons staples. Iridescent fabrics from neutral to psychodelic are also in. Try layering in a color changing piece with a classic neutral for a new and up to date classic. We also see other trends surfacing, and re-surfacing such as stripes, all white, 60’s, pencil-style fits, sheen materials and the transition from neutral to florescent.

prada 60

Prada 60’s Resurgence

Oscar de la Renta Stripes

Oscar de la Renta Stripes

Jill Stuart White Influence

Jill Stuart White Influence

Oscar de la Renta Flourescent Inspiration

Oscar de la Renta Flourescent Inspiration

Mary Katrantzou Iridescent Inspiration

Mary Katrantzou Iridescent Inspiration

Diane Von Furstenburg Sheen Inspiration

Diane Von Furstenburg Sheen Inspiration

Burberry Prorsum Pencil Bodice Inspiraton

Burberry Prorsum Pencil Bodice Inspiraton

Mary Katrantzou Graphic Prints contribution

Mary Katrantzou Graphic Prints contribution

Now that I’ve updated you on the new updates for your closets lets update your makeup palette. This season brings new and revamped makeup trends. We should expect to see anything from red lips to natural glowing a dewy skin.

Trend #1 Red Lips

We all love them and they have made appearances all of Fashion Week in 2013. From Jean Paul Gaultier, to Prada ,to Oscar de la Renta red lips are back in full force. They have been a staple makeup look since their appearance in the early 20’s but what keeps them coming back? They are truly your pop of color. For my makeup newbies don’t take this too literally! Everyone can find a shade of red that looks good on them it doesn’t always have to be many of my clients go to favorites such as MAC ruby woo and it doesn’t have to be shockingly bold or red at all for that matter the trend itself just promotes a bold lip so don’t be afraid to try something new or stick to what you know works for you. Top-rated brands include Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, Tom Ford Rouge in Narcotic Rouge, CoverGirl Flipstick in Cheeky, and MAC Too Supreme Sheen Lipstick in Insanely just to name a few suggestions from Huffington Post.

kerry washbazaarbeauty spa

Trend #2 Bold Eye liner

The resurgence of the cat-eye last year has aided in the eyeliner once again becoming a must-have necessity. Making its appearance in Fashion Week 2013 in the looks from designers such as Thierry Mugler, Lanvin and Cavalli, this season calls for every form of dramatic liner you can imagine; From cat-eye, to smudged, to middle eastern inspired double line wings. Why dramatic liner? Spring and summer always call for a juxtaposition of facial palettes. For those who love a bold lip a neutral eye or less dramatic eye is always great, but for those who like more of a peachy and light and or bronze palette, eyeliner draws attention to the eye. Great brand include L’Oréal Infinite Soft Powder Eyeliner, Stila Kajal Eyeliner, Make Up Forever Kohl Eyeliner,and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner were some of the top choices per Elle Magazine.

drastic eyes


Trend #3 Luscious Lashes

How many new mascara campaigns have you seen surface in the last month? Probably upwards of 5-10. Why? Because summer and spring are the perfect time to highlight your eyes and lashes are the perfect frame for that. As we see in designer Fashion Week Shows such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, and Moschino, lashes are a great way to highlight the top third of your face. Lashes not only draw attention to the eyes but they frame them as well; offering everything from a simple-subtle change to mega drama. Try Sephora or MAC Cosmetics or any local drug store for a quick touch of drama.



Trend #4 Bold Brows

Many Fashion Weeks around the globe have seen a common theme–Bolder brown. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez, and Versace are taking advantage of this subtle change to do exactly what it is untended to: frame the face. By adding a thicker, and often darker brow, makeup artists everywhere are drawing more attention to the upper third which is often the most structured part of the face. Some of the top user rated brow kits include E.L.F, Bare Essentials, Sephora Arch Kit, Anastasia Express made by one of the top brow experts in the business is also sold at Sephora, and Urban Decay just to name a few.



Trend #5 Colored Eyes

It has arrived! For some of us it never died, but this spring and fall we will be seeing a resurgence of colored shadows and liners,–especially in blues and greens. For designers such as Moschino, Stella McCartney and Gucci, it ties the look together for Fashion Week 2012. Not only do blue and or green complement most eye colors, but it also plays into the overall theme of make up this season: focusing on the top third. Blues and green complement and highlight the eyes and can also be used as your pop of color in your color palette. Try tying in a fluorescent bag with a neutral palette outfit and tie it back into your lis or shadow–it does a great job at bringing it all together. Some of my go-to top contributors to this genre of vibrant make up artistry are Sephora Brand, Urban Decay and Make Up Forever.


fierce eye

Chao Le Fashionistas,

Jasmine Stroud


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