Trap Star’s GF S10

Involuntary Love

Recap: “I want you.” The two closed the dorm door and he scooped her into his arms before pressing his tongue into her mouth. The two headed to the bedroom and Lauren pulled her shirt over her head and exposed her body to the man she longed to share it with. Once they were both in the bed and finally making love to one another it became so clear for the both of them.

“Stop leaving me Lauren.” He asked as he held her tight and she rode him.

“I won’t.”


It had been two months of pure bliss between the two. After running from whatever they were running from they fell into a routine that both were comfortable with. Lauren figured out that the love she had grew for the man she woke up and fell asleep to had nothing to do with the drug that he would sling on the streets. She begin to see a side to this man that nobody got a chance to see. He was hard when he had business, but he carried himself with so much respect and dignity that every time she watched him handle his business it made her panties soaking wet.  As she laid out on the in her shorts and tank top laughing and talking with her man when one of his boys Trill walked through the door.

“What up my nigga?” Trill addressed Tank ignoring Lauren on the couch. Lauren didn’t say much but felt tired of the fact of him not speaking. Without Tank responding, Trill dropped a brick on the table and continued about his business.

“What the fuck are you doing? You not gone acknowledge my girl?”

“Damn what’s wrong with you?”

“Nigga speak to my girl and what the fuck you doin’ droppin bricks off in front of her? Have you lost your fuckin’ mind?”

“My bad my nigga I’m tripping. What up Lauren?” Lauren spoke back and stood to exit the living room to allow the men to work. As she started walking away Tank grabbed her lightly and pressed his lips to her. She went into the room, closed the door, and began reading for her summer class. Thirty minutes passed without Tank interrupting Lauren. She finished the pages she was supposed to read and fell asleep. Tank watched the woman in his bed and crawled in the bed behind her pressing his body against hers.

“Hey baby.” She yawned.

“My bad about Trill ole punk ass.”

“It’s all good love. I had work to do anyways.”

“Nobody disrespects my girl.” Lauren smiled. “I have to make a run.”

“I want to go.”

“We’ll make a run and then what do you want to do?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Let’s go then.” The two headed to make money. The life had been crazy having a girlfriend who actually had her head on right and had goals of her own. Tank made sure she never touched the dope and never had her in a situation where she could be hurt, but there was something sexy about his woman handling his work. Tank pulled up to the old gray house and peered at the two familiar faces before cutting off the car.

“Hold this, but keep it hidden. If anybody run up to the car while I’m inside the house you let them muthafuckas have it. I don’t trust nobody when money is slow so remember what I say.” Lauren listened and make sure to grip the tool tight. Her mind ran in several directions but cleared as she focused on securing her position in the whip. There weren’t many on the street, but the ones that stuck out to her were ones that randomly scoured around without much to do and she knew what her man did was wrong, but it was life. It was life she accepted and she accepted in the name sake of her heart. She watched the two outside of the house dap her man up and show him love before they all disappeared behind the worn door.


Inside of the house, Tank watched the women getting his work together. All of the girls were naked as usual with decent faces and abused bodies. He ignored it though it tugged at his heart every time he noticed them.

“Tank it’s been a minute. You need the same shit?” Quiana asked.

“You already know it.” He responded cool. This transaction happened once a month and every time he came back it was calmer than the first. He didn’t trust anyone outside of his family and his girl, but he knew they knew not to fuck with his camp. He usually sent one of his boys, but it was a day he wanted to handle it himself—keep the gimp niggas on their toes.  Quiana was the bitch in charge at this particular site; she wanted to let it be known that it wasn’t to be fucked with and she made sure that whenever Tank arrived unexpectedly she would personally hand over the package to him. The two sat across from each other, handled the transaction, and he handed over his half of the transaction. She counted the money with the money machine, confirmed her amount, and stood as he stood. The dress hugged her curves tight, her hair touched her ass, and her lips were red with Matte Ruby Woo lipstick. She was sexy and he acknowledged it without words. She walked him to the door and walked out with him as he hid the package in the back of his jeans to make it appear as if he left with nothing. Quiana looked at the whip and smiled once she saw Lauren.

“Is that the bitch that you fuckin’ with now?” She held her evil grin.

“That’s my woman. Respect her and that’s the first and last time I tell you.” Tank pushed passed her and walked to the car. Once inside the car, he looked over to Quiana, cranked the car and sped off. He waited until he was away from establishment before pulling over and handing Lauren the package. We gotta stop by my spot before we go on with our day.

“Okay.” Lauren agree without much else to say. The two rode to the music that was in the air, but he knew his woman and he knew she picked up on everything.

“That was Quiana. The bitch that runs the place. You don’t have shit to worry about.” Lauren could finally breathe after hearing, who she was, but something with that girl didn’t sit right and she knew something was going to happen.

“I know.” She stroked his ego.


Lauren lay awake placing a situation to Quiana’s face, but she couldn’t. The way she stared at Tank with that devilish grin amped something inside of Lauren. She would make sure that every time he made the run to her place of business she would be there just in case. Tank lay in bed beside her with his eyes closed not being able to sleep as he opened his eyes Lauren peered in his face innocently.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Something about Quiana is bothering me.” Lauren admitted.

“I knew that baby, but its nothing between us.”

“It’s not like that. I just remember seeing her somewhere or something I just get a bad vibe.”

“I respect that.”

“Promise me that you won’t go there without me boo because if something pops off I swear I’ll yolk that bitch up.” Tank couldn’t contain his laughter, “What baby?” she asked confused.

“You gone yolk her up? Sweet little Lauren, yeah alright.”

“I can show you better than I can tell you.” The both of them lay in each other’s arms thinking before falling to sleep. I can show you better than I can tell you Lauren thought.


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