Young Mexico: Mr. Back to Doing Me

pic1-18Pardon My Audacity always run into the hottest new artists; we caught up with ‘Mr. Back to Doing Me’ himself, Young Mexico. He’s  been out promoting and making great music trying to get you to vibe to his music. Young Mexico won BET’s blaze the stage contest being the only one in his town to make it. He went on to compete in the BET Wild Out Wednesday, moving on to the BET Wild Out Wednesday All-star rounds and now he’s working with music vet Jazze Pha. PMA sat down with Young Mexico and brought you his latest song.

Jas: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

YM: I’m Young Mexico I was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1985. My real name is David Hall and I moved to West Tennessee when I was like 14 due to being in trouble and being hardheaded. I been rapping since I was 9 free styling and rap battles. When I turned 14 that’s when I first touched the studio and did my first record. It was me and my brother Psycho D we had a group called “Vicious Youngsters”. We created a record called “Murder Monsters” and we were the “Vicious Youngsters” and the hood liked it and loved the record. It enabled me to go harder and harder and I started doing a lot of solo projects because my brother was working. I was in the streets and he was playing basketball he kind of had his head on his shoulders and I was the hardhead one so I had time to be in the studio and so I kept going hard putting out album after album after album. Before you knew I had the branding Young Mexico and was on BET’s 106 in 2011. Through BET I met a guy named James Brown, one of the top A&R for Sony BMG. He liked what he seen, he sat me down and was like ‘man I want to sign a distribution deal with you’ so I signed my distribution deal with Sony and they shipped out all my records out, got my epk together and molded me as star. James Brown knew Jazze Pha and he came out for my video “Back to Doing Me” and I got a call saying he wanted to sign me; it wasn’t official but I ended getting into an altercation and did 8 months in the penitentiary. I got out and kept working, working, working and A&R called and ask was I ready to be signed to Sho Nuff Records Jazze Pha made it happened and that’s where I’m sitting right now.



Jas: What inspired you to become an artist?

YM: What actually inspired me to become an artist was music has always been close to my heart. It was just I had a passion for music and like when I was young it was like I was always ahead of my time. When I was 9, 10, 11 I was just ahead of my time so I was in the streets like the older guys, guys 16 years old and so I always felt like I had something to say. I just had some emotions balled up inside of me man I just wanted to get them out know what I’m saying? It might sound crazy but I used to sit down and watch Michael Jackson you know he made great music and he was a great entertainer so seeing him and watching the crowd say his name I mean he got females falling out even men falling out all over the place and he really putting his all into his music made me want to be an entertainer. But at the same time I’m listening to guys like Tupac, Master P., Kane and Abel, E-40, Snoop, I’m listening to every top of music I can listen to. I listened to people that really had something to say and it made me want to really rap. Tupac was the main reason I wanted to rap and Michael Jackson is the main reason I wanted to be an entertainer.


Jas: How would you describe your personal sound?

YM: One thing you can’t say about me is that oh he’s a swag rapper or oh he’s a trap rapper or aw, he all about the females I’m an all-around artist. I’m not an auto tune rapper, but I can make an auto tune song with the best of them. I can go in the studio and make a trap song and make the hardest trap song in the world. I can rap about poverty and real stuff and make people say aw man, this guy has been through same thangs’ so I’m an all-around rapper and I don’t just have one style. I won’t say I’m the best and I may never be the best but one category you can put me in is being one of the realest. I’m not going to rap about things people want to hear or rap about something because the people like it I’m going to rap about something real; stuff I been through and stuff that I’ve seen.



Jas: What motivates you to make the music you make?

YM: I just have a passion for music; it’s a love for music and at the same time I go through things every day. I have a life outside of being a rapper, outside of being an artist I’m a person I’m a human I go through things like everyone else. I have a mama, I have kids and they go through things every day. I mean I’m still in the hood and I still have homies that’s being shot I rap about these things know what I’m saying? I still have a relationship with God. I always put God first; I’m a person my heart beat so life is what motivates me to make music.

Jas: So your song “Back to Doing Me” is hot what made you write that?

YM: They say speak stuff into existence and it’s crazy how I made the song almost a year ago, well nine, ten months ago, then I get locked up and in the song I’m talking about how they put a charge on me then I get out and I’m back to doing me. I get out and the song is still relevant to my life; it’s just funny how God works. But what really made me write the song was, I was in a relationship at the time and my female wasn’t doing what she was supposed to do. She was cheating or whatever so I was actually breaking out of a relationship where I was keeping myself balled up when I could have living the life of a “rapper” and she kind of held me from that because I wanted to respect our relationship. I wanted be there for my daughter so I was playing the role of a father, playing the role of an honest man, a faithful man to a woman that wasn’t really being faithful. When it broke bad or whatever I went to the studio and was like well, I’m back to doing me. I never put that in the song it was just me and the way I was living my life at the time.  This song is for people that are living their life for them; you can’t live your life for anyone else. You can’t do it because your mama, or you family want you to do it you gotta do it for you and if that’s you you are Back to Doing You.

Jas: What new material do you having coming to the streets?

YM: I actually have a mixtape coming right now it’s called “Hood Therapy”. It’s coming soon I don’t know the date, but it’s definitely coming. The mixtape is done we’re actually trying to figure out who is going to host it we are thinking DJ Drama or Green Lantern. Besides that I actually have an album I’m working on. “Hood Therapy” has my testimony and is really hood music for the hood guys saying I’m from the hood and if I can make it you make it. Just because you’re in the hood doesn’t mean your mind and your body gotta be trapped in the hood. At the same time, I’m working on my album with Jazze Pha and you know I’m signed to Sho’Nuff Records; it’s called “Look into the Future.” Meaning see Young Mexico and when you see Young Mexico you are looking into the future. I am the future.


Young Mexico knows where he is going with his strong faith, conquering spirit, and lyrics. He is definitely Back to Doing Him and trying to gain a strong following from Pardon My Audacity supporters. Listen to his hit song Back to Doing Me here:

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