Down South Gentlemen vs. Up North Rough Necks???


Disclaimer: Not one idea expressed here is solely that of Pardon My Audacity or is a larger representation of ALL Northern or Southern men.

You ever been at football game or a basketball game and a dude walks in with baggy jeans, fresh Timberlands, and a fitted cap with a smile to die for? Or how about a dude with some baggy jeans, fresh Jordans, and he has the cutest southern twang? Ahhh, yes. Who to choose and why to choose him? The debate about which type of man do you prepare has been going on for a minute. Women say that down south boos are sweet, giving, and love to dine on Southern cuisine. They also say that up north brothers are arrogant, adventurous, and will give you the rough, naughty lovin’ you deserve, but what’s the truth?

From my readers that engaged in the poll and answered the questions answered the same. Southern men have exceptional manners, are nicer, and were raised by their mother’s which can be seen as strength and a weakness in most cases. Women have said they are providers and have a better concept of what a family is and how to build a family.

From my readers that engaged in the poll and answered the questions answered the same. Northern men are desirable to women because of their honestly. They aren’t afraid to keep it honest and real. Northern men are go-getters; they aren’t going to wait around for things to happen but will go out and make things happen. I think one of the most repeated observations from women was that Northern men have an unmatched swag that Southern men don’t have.

Honestly, a man is going to be a man and it’s hard to try to categorize men from north and south. Men who were raised by parents that actually care about manners and how to treat women will treat women well. But honestly let’s be real Up North men (not all) are raised in different situations; there are harsher conditions than Southern men like the cost of living, bigger ghettos, kids raising themselves because of parents are working longer shifts, and survivor of the fittest be it a meal or getting things done. Southern men (not all) are kind of nurtured, have been raised by hardworking mothers who enforce manners and raise their sons, and are from all walks of life whether suburbs or a ghetto. But these can be seen as accuses…

And now what you all been waiting for… MY opinion… I personally love Northern Men. Northern men offer a brutal truth, whether it hurt you or not, you know what’s coming next. Not all Northern men are honest, but the ones I’ve encountered are much more straightforward and hurt feelings religiously, but at least you get the choice to choose to deal with the situation. Many women are always griping about wanting the truth that when it’s presented to them they take it as arrogance or ignorance; uhhh, ma’am you asked for this. This is a reason men don’t offer up the truth because most of you all “truth seekers” can’t handle it.

When Northern men LOVE your dirty drawes they are loyal no matter what; nothing really breaks the bond from homies to their mother the love stays strong. They will take care of their women and their home. They are natural born hustlers; not all, but the ones I’ve met as friends and lovers, will make sure whatever needs you have are met regardless. Sometimes it takes a man to figure out what he wants and where he wants to be and when that Northern man figures it out those two factors they settle down, provide and marry that woman.

Again not all, but my closest friends are from New York and he handles business. Last but not least, the fitted caps down low covering their eyes, Timbs in the winter and summer with their vernacular adds a spice to the mixture and drive, northern and southern women banans…& you know this…MAN!

But the debate will continue? What do YOU think? Where do your loyals lie? And remember people, It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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