Old-Fashioned Beauty Remedies

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Technology has afforded us the opportunities to bottle much of what nature has to offer and make it quick, easy, convenient, and accessible to the masses. Nature and holistic remedies has always been my top place to look for inexpensive beauty and cosmetic solutions. Some of m latest finds are wildly successful with my clients as well as some of my favorite MUA’s (make up artists).

The number one question that I receive from clients and friends alike is how to take care of your skin while constantly wearing make up. The key is this; you would never get dressing without your necessities right? For example a shower with your favorite soap, lotion, perfume or cologne, and deodorant just the basics. Think of your face as an entirely separate entity. It has a different skin texture that is more delicate no matter the ethnicity, yet it is exposed to sunlight everyday. It often adjusts itself to the conditions around you; for most this response is dry, oily or combination skin. These things alone tell you that caring for your face requires consistency and routine.

The first step is to find a soap that suits your skin type. A facial wash should always cleans and hydrate. Remember even if your face wash is make up removing remember it usually will not remove all of your make up without excessively washing your skin, so you should still use make up remover as well. If your skin feels really tight after drying your face you may want to try a different face wash as yours may have a alcohol content that dehydrates your specific skin type.

For those with oily skin a foaming alcohol free cleanser is best. It offers a clean feeling with a luxurious wash that will clear the skin, get deeper into oily, often clogged pores and not completely dry out the skin. For dry skin a cream cleanser is ideal. Cream based cleansers offer added moisture which is much needed for those who have dry patches, or mildly dry skin. Once a week try a moisture mask. Alongside water, moisturizing is key for keeping collagen levels up in the skin. A great home face mask I use often includes avocado for extreme skin moisture, honey for skin toning, balancing, and complexion correction, witch hazel and tea tree oil for cleansing and purifying, and lemon for blackhead extraction. Remember your lips are a part of your face too. This is why using things from your kitchen is so much fun. For a great full and smooth lip try my favorite homemade lip scrub. Mix two table spoons of honey with three teaspoons of sugar and a few drops of olive oil  and lemon juice rub your lips together for about 3-5 minutes depending on desired results. The honey promotes fullness, sugar and lemon exfoliate while the oil moisturizes. Remove with a warm cloth or enjoy (LOL). You can also use one hundred percent concord grape juice right after for a natural lip stain.

The next step is one that we almost always forget skin protection. Skin protection comes in many forms moisturizing being one, but moisture alone is not enough. Protecting our skin from the sun is what preserves our youth. Many natural oils come already equip with sun-fighting protectors such as sunflower oil. Even a great tan comes at a price. Fun in the sun is great it adds to your daily intake of vitamins C and E and gives that glow and fresh color we all seek, but it has to be done in moderation. The skin on your face is one of the most delicate so it has severe reactions to extreme conditions for example: sunburn and frost bite. SPF is a must have. Now it is often found already mixed into your favorite moisturizers, but if it s not pre-mixed into yours simply add an oil-free sunscreen ideally SPF of 25 or higher to your favorite moisturizer and that will do the trick for your daily skin protection.

Step three to keeping your skin glowing with make up on or off is primer. Put it this way; Primer is your base coat. It protects your skin like a barrier while preventing the elements of everyday life and make up wear from seeping too deep into your pores. My favorite home remedy for primer is milk of magnesia. A naturally oil-free product, it is easily absorbed by the skin without the caked-on effect. With little to no color it makes a great natural barrier to the free-radicals often found in the air and even in make-up.

The steps to great skin are to choose a suitable face wash for your skin type, find a great moisturizer, always use sunscreen, and always use a primer! So now we have the keys to great skin with and without make up.







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