Get Kandied Appled with Kandy’s Apple Jewelry



 Pardon My Audacity had the chance to get Kandy’s Apple to create a banging bracelet set for review. The company started out of pure love for bead jewelry and wahla my bracelet set was delivered. PMA also had a brief chat to give you a little background about the company.

Jas: Tell the readers a little about your company.

VW: My company Kandy’s Apple is a custom beaded company that specialize in everything a customer an think of! We make bracelets and necklaces tailored to fit not only custom orders but originations, special events, awareness, children, etc. We started about 8months ago.

Jas: What motivated you to start the company?

VW: .I love beaded jewelry. It’s just dope but alot was the same and/or getting pricey. . So I watched other designers, asked questions, ordered from other to learn techniques and a Dope designer by the name of Blaq Savage of Zenju Designs lended me a hand and told me anything goes and I took that to heart and went! I love beading and designing.

photo 1 (2)

Jas: What’s coming next for the company?

VW: We are moving into a new area soon with Tee’s and Hats and adding earrings as well. We craft some everything from flirty and playful to anything that can pair with after 5!

Jas: How can future clients get in contact with you for your product?

VW: Follow us on Instagram- @kandysapple Twitter- @tylayculture Email- Website-

photo 2

When I reached out to Kandy’s Apple for a review I didn’t know just how adorable my set would be. Vel Wilson, creator of Kandy’s Apples, simply asked me what my favorite colors were and made me a set around hot pink, red, and gold. Now everybody knows that my favorite colors are the color of this sexy set  and I’ve been excited about this particular review.


The package was in a small red mesh bag that held the two bracelets. It was perfect packaging and cute bag to always preserve my bracelets. For a company that’s just starting out about eight months ago, the packaging is a good touch for clients in hopes of them returning to the brand.

photo (34)


The beads were again red, pink, and gold. The weighty beads made me believe that they were quality beads and the stretch cord held everything intact while wearing it and taking it off. Ever tried on a bracelet that you think is cute only to watch the bracelet bust the bracelet and watch the beads fly? After the beads break, you are mad as hell? Well, that didn’t happen when I used my set! It was tight, still stretched for my wrist, and looked amazing.

picstitch (3)

If you are tired of the same jewelry and want a more natural look with beautiful detailed bead work you better hit up Kandy’s Apple. Here a more pictures of the beading and how diverse the jewelry is:

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (1)photo 5




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