Chicken and Veggie Reset-Your-Diet soup

photo (35)Hello healthy people! I’m presenting to you something to reset and revamp your diet after you slack off your diet and exercising! It’s my homemade chicken and veggie soup!


Chicken and Veggie Soup 





Kale or Spinach


Chicken breast/ legs/thighs



Seasonings: Pepper, Mrs. Dash, Garlic powder, Salt


Take a small pot and fill it with water. (2 or 4 cups to make sure it’s enough for you and all the ingredients) Turn on the stove at medium/high to get the water to boil.

Cut an onion up and put it in the boiling water and add seasonings.

Season chicken with the same seasonings and place the chicken in the boiling water

Once the chicken is done; take the chicken out and let it cool down

Add in Kale/Spinach, carrots, brocolli, corn, and cauliflower

Once the veggies are tender, chop up the chicken into chunks or shred it and add it into the broth and veggie.

Wait 10-15 minutes and wahla the best damn reset soup you will ever have!



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