Sweet Surrender & 25 bucks Giveaway

BLP Surrender Cvr D.indd

  Book Giveaway Rules

Have you been reading the blog and keeping up with my short story ‘Trap Star’s Girlfriend”? If you have then you are eligible to win “Sweet Surrender” the grown and sexy fiction tale by Author TES & a $25 gift card from Pardon My Audacity.

The book is Sweet Surrender, a love story with an unexpected twist on the classic romance tale. The story centers on Marcus Jennings, an unapologetic womanizer who spends his life on-the-go. The broken hearts he leaves behind are of no consequence, and according to Marcus, everything is good. But his self-centered way has cost him valuable friendships and a close relationship with his daughter.  When the misdeeds of his past start to resurface, Marcus ignores the whispers of his conscience and continues to delight in his emotionally detached life. Things begin to unravel when he meets Carolyn Mills and mistakenly assumes she’ll be another easy conquest.  As his life turns upside down in a turbulent pursuit to win her affection, Marcus must make some irreversible decisions about what—and whom—he really wants in his life.

Things you have to do:

  1. Like Pardon My Audacity page.

  2. Answer any question posted on Pardon My Audacity’s FB page about the short story Trap Star’s GF. There will be a question every Tuesday and Thursday. The questions will be about all chapters of the story so you MUST have read it! Questions Start March 26,2013.

  3. “Bump or Dump” the story. For those who have been following the story know what the concept of “Bump or Dump”. For those who haven’t, the concept is simple: Bump means continue the series, Dump means end the series.

Contest starts April 5- April 15. The more you participate the more you are entered to win!!! Let’s start!


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