Trap Star’s Girlfriend S11

Involuntary Love



Recap: “You gone yolk her up? Sweet little Lauren, yeah alright.”

“I can show you better than I can tell you.” The both of them lay in each other’s arms thinking before falling to sleep. I can show you better than I can tell you Lauren thought.


            “Hey boo. I have to go handle a situation in Miami and I don’t trust many mu’fuckas so I want you to pick up my package and handle the business here. I know you got classes and shit, but I know you got me too. Is that cool with you?” Tank watched Lauren look up from her novel she read and felt ease as she smiled.

“I don’t know what I’m looking for baby.” She answered back with a smile.

“You don’t have to worry about that boo. If Quiana tries to play me I will check it accordingly and when it comes to money call me to check how much it’s supposed to be first and then receive the money.” Lauren reluctantly decided to help him while he was on business. The two spent the rest of the afternoon going over what to do and say over the phone, keywords for what she needed to check, making love, and packing a small business bag for him. It was four in the morning, Lauren jumped out of her sleep to iron Tank’s suit, place his bags by the door, tie his dreads up, and kiss him before he left.

“Mm, I’m going to miss you baby girl.”

“I will miss you to my king. Go make us some money.” She yawned.

“Breeze will bring you a gift I’m leaving you. All I need you to do is to do what we talked about.” He kissed her lips before gripping the doorknob.

“I will and okay. Have a safe trip.”

“Thank you boo.”

“God you look so good.” She bit her lip.

“Keep my pussy straight.” Lauren ignored him and pushed him out of the door. She headed to the bed they shared with one another and lay awake just praying that he would return to her in one piece. She didn’t think that the man that she fell for would be harmed but she couldn’t remember what her cousins were whispering in her ear: you live by the streets, you die by the streets. She prayed for protection, peace, and strength and made herself a promise that his business would be handled because if anything went wrong, he’d never trust her with important matters again. All her worrying, praying, and thinking put her back to sleep while Tank travelled.             Tank knew that placing weight in the trunk of her car could result in trouble and worried about the safety of his woman. Unlike other bitches, ruining Lauren’s life with bullshit just wasn’t fine with him. He had to make sure that she was completely happy, taken care of, and right. Breeze advised him from allowing Lauren to get involved but he trusted his gut feeling. Tank knew this would be a test for them, but he had to start early. With his last girlfriend, she had been a disloyal hood-booga looking for a come up with his money she could’ve succeeded had she not fell for the trick. As much as he loved to act like nothing affected him, walking into the house finding a dick in his girl’s mouth hurt his pride. He had everything and a jump-off was not going to help run his empire or be the one that mattered above all others.


           Lauren loaded herself into the car absolutely terrified. Upon closing the door of the car a cop car slid down the street; Lauren stopped breathing thinking someone had tipped her off. Once she realized she was paranoid she started the engine and followed the directions to the same location both her and Tank parking the car. Tank told her to text one of the soldiers for them to contact whoever was inside of the building. She waited and waited and waited her eyes darted around the street checking for any suspicious things. The door flung open and she slowly bent down in order to pop the trunk, but sat up slowly as Quiana stood at the door. Quiana wore form-fitting skinny jeans, a peach button up shirt that hung loosely off of her, and brown stilettos. Her long Brazilian 32 inches fell on shoulders and rested in the round onion-shaped ass. Her face was beat and though Lauren wanted to hate on the girl she was the cutest drug dealer she had ever seen; maybe the only female drug dealer as well.

Quiana squinted with her hands above her eyes and saw that Tank wasn’t there to pick up the package like usual. It was the girl from the other day and one thing she hated was a bitch she didn’t know attempting to take her shit.

“Why you over here at my shit?” Lauren looked at Quiana and knew for a fact that she knew the bitch that stood in front of her.

“Tank had to handle some business and I needed to help handle business here.” She responded back all the while her mind running over a million faces and stopping on Quiana’s.

“You a goody-two shoe bitch in the reaaalll world little girl. What you doing in my world?” Quiana barked. Just as she let the words come out of her mouth Lauren realized who this girl was.

“Quiana Hamilton from 2:30 accounting class at State? Really? You really want to go there bitch you ain’t no different from me.” Lauren stuck up for herself. Quiana stood glaring at Lauren stunned at the girl in front of her.

“Yeah, I know who the fuck you are. Are you going to give me the package or are you going keep staring at me?” Lauren spoke again.

“Bitch we are from two different places so watch your fucking tone. There’s no one here to protect you from these problems.” Quiana barked before looking at the door and signaling the chocolate dude to bring the package.

“Quiana, I came to pick up a package and to leave. Is that going to happen anytime soon?” Lauren looked away knowing someone was bringing the package.

“Little girl, you got a smart ass mouth.”

“And I’m not scared to get up out this car and stand face to face with you.” Quiana chuckled staring at Lauren.

“You get some boss dick and think you a boss right? Baby girl imagine how many bitches are still sucking, slobbing, and riding that dick you love so much. Imagine how many bitches like me that attempt to have your man’s face all up in their pussies just to see what that mouth like.”             Quiana laughed. Lauren politely opened the door and stood to stare her in her face everyone looked on, but neither woman cared. Lauren waited until she heard her trunk slam down and the package was secure in the hidden department in the trunk.

“To be honest bitch, he can dick down all you thirsty ass bitches. All of you can suck, slob, or ride the dick if that’s what you want to do because why you bitches think you hurting me you are hurting your own damn feelings. I get the dick, the stacks of hundred every fuckin’ time he makes one, I get time, space, and all of his attention. Why would I settle for sucking a dick when I could have it come home ev-er-ry night?” She pronounced every syllable in the word every. Quiana looked at her thinking about what action she should she take. She could turn up and fight this bitch or she could dap her up for not backing down. It was a hard call; Lauren stood there holding her ground because she was absolutely tired of people underestimating her period.

“Rowe, let this bitch go.” Quiana begin walking away from Lauren but looked back and flashed a devilish smile at her. What the fuck was that about? Lauren thought to herself, got in her car, and gripped the wheel absolutely terrified that she had a package in the car. Her mind was so lost in everything she had done, the time she could spend in jail, the fact that Quiana just walked away from all the shit she had said to her and worried. She worried even as she slipped the package from the hiding spot and put the backpack on her back. Her heart beat so loud she felt and so hard she felt and she jumped as her phone rang.

“What’s up li’l lady? You went grocery shopping?” Tank’s voice moistened her panties as soon as she answered her phone. Her entire body relaxed.

“Hey baby. Of course, I got collards, yams, and I got your favorite cookies. We are going to eat a great dinner when you get back.”

“I love when you spoil me.” Tank spoke.

“It’s because you spoil me.”

“You getting off work?” She asked him.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” His minute meant a couple of hours, but she had that code he taught her down. Soon she would call and bitch about his lie and they would argue just in case either was being tapped. She cleaned the house, cooked him a home cooked meal, showered and opened all the packages. She counted and stacked his money how he always did before placing it in the safe. The package was properly weighed and put in the hidden safe under the carpet, under the bed.


           Tank walked into a clean house, peeped the food on the stove already separated and dished out with a beer, and stepped into the side dining room to all his money counted and stacked with amounts on each. He loved his woman; he couldn’t deny that one bit and he knew she was somewhere planning something unnecessary. The days he spent cleaning up someone else’s mess he thought of every kiss she’d given him, the way she would fall asleep if she were lying in bed with a textbook, or the way she brushed her teeth and read her book when she had an exam. He missed his girlfriend. He would clear his mind of all of her while toting his guns, making decisions, and making money, but while he sat in the strip clubs sipping Hennesy he thought of her. Bitches would literally give them all of their attention, but for the first time he could’ve fucked many bitches but wanted to go home to one. Most of them were good-looking, nice round asses, pretty faces and wanted to suck a baller’s dick, but he had had enough.

“Yo baby.” He called out, but nobody answered. He walked to a room where a butt naked Lauren slept peacefully with a pillow between her thighs. He didn’t want to wake her, but his body yearned and his dick grew. He grabbed her slowly and turned her on her back, she opened her eyes and smiled at the sight of him.

“Baby.” He pressed his lips to hers and literally yanked her out of the bed and into his arms. She flung her body onto his accepting his tongue into his mouth; he dropped his pants and without hesitation accepted that boss dick she yearned for. He didn’t want to level her onto his bed and he held her as tight as he could thrusting into her and swallowing her lips and tongue whole.

“Fuck, I love you.” She rested her arms and shoulders on his head and shoulders. Tank released her lips suckled and bit her neck as he continued thrusting ferociously.

“I love you too.” He couldn’t hold her up any longer and the two slid down the wall and onto the floor. Still inside of her, Tank stared at her and said, “You handled all my business?”

            “I sure did.” She said as she pressed her lips to his. Without another word, Lauren began rotating her hips and grinding. She held him as tight as she could until they both came and the two lay in each other’s arms spilling their guts about their weekend.


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