Wake Up: Girls Vs. Women



As a writer, I am creatively thinking and actively trying to bring awareness to the tomfoolery I see within the women community. There’s a lot of foolishness, but Pardon My Audacity and me (Jas Jackson, Editor) offers you this poem from my heart, from my mind, to this page… Enjoy.

Wake Up

There is a difference between a girl and a woman

A girl loves with what’s in her panties and a woman loves

From what’s in her heart, her mind, and her best interest


Girls, Girls, all types of girls;

Lusting for them pockets,

Always down, erotic

Working toward his cash

Giving up that ass


Girls, Girls, all types of girls;

Trying to birth a baby

Just to be a maybe

Wants to be a character never the main lady

Trying to be a mistress, he’s not your husband

He’s just your baby daddy


Then there’s a woman;

She strives to better self first

Then she betters you

Doesn’t coerce the man she loves

Gives him the better view


She submits, believes in what she has

Always does what she has to do

If you do not treat her right

Her ass is leaving you

She prefers the truth; pain or pleasure

Makes decisions considering all angles to measure


Girls eventually turn into women

Whenever that one pushes her or she pushes self

It’s a cycle that all women travel just at different speeds

But I need you girls to catch the fuck up and take the fuckin’ lead…

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know people.


3 thoughts on “Wake Up: Girls Vs. Women

  1. I love it…..it most definitely is the truth. Im working towards making that transition from being just a GIRL to being the WOMAN.

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