UniqueLuxury30 Review

SAMSUNGPardon My Audacity had a chance to get some awesome jewelry from an awesome company Unique Jewelry 30. These jewels are handcrafted by a diva who knows how to please her company. PMA had a chance to meet up with Evelyn Etidau and find out a little more about the company.

Jas: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

EE: As a kid I watched my mother who is a retired fashion designer put different pieces together and create something beautiful.  I grew to love everything about fashion particularly jewelry because I feel it made outfits standout.

Jas: What inspired you to begin this company of crafting jewelry?

EE: The beautiful authentic art we have back in my home country Uganda, Africa inspired me to start uniquejewelry30. We have a lot of products made from recycled materials like paper, plastic and metal. Jewelry is one of the main products made from natural products. The art and design used to make the jewelry is very unique and authentic. Having this company helps showcase this jewelry that is not so popular in the fashion world.


Evelyn Etidau, Creator of Unique30

Jas: What is next for the company?

EE: I am in the process of creating a large online presence for the jewelry and hopefully get more of the jewelry in retail stores.

Jas: Where can interested parties see more of your product and reach you?


EE: Blog: http://uniquejewelry30.wordpress.com

Email uniquejewelry30@gmail.com

Website: http://www.uniquejewelry30.com. Currently under reconstruction will be back as soon as possible

Twitter: @uniquejewelry30

Facebook: Uniquejewelry30


The packaging was a regular package that held the necklace together and was straight to the point. I would suggest a customize mesh bag for the company just to for show. But the necklace was still very beautiful.


The beads are gorgeous and look African inspired. There are some yellow ones, purple ones, red ones, and blue ones amongst multicolored ones. There were bigger beads, longer beads, tiny beads, and just a variety. The beading makes the jewelry line unique as well as the design; I loved the necklace that I received.

picstitch (4)

Rocking my necklace and even used it as a bracelet!

I would suggest any person who is into natural products and Afrocentric products to give Unique30 a try. If you aren’t Afrocentric, in this fashion world, I’d say you better try something new and you may just like it. The company will shower any customer with creativity and love with their customer service and jewelry!


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