The Art of Accessorizing

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The Art of Accessorizing

Those beautiful spring days are becoming more and more prevalent. As we unpack our summer selection and shop for extra pieces to add, this piece will help us nail down what the perfect accessory consists of.

Accessorizing has to be one of THE best parts of fashion. Accessorizing emulates life in that it can bring out emotion with the perfect compilation of just a few simple pieces. The perfect bag, shoe, statement jewelry, or color/print accent can make or break an outfit. This edition I’m going to share one of my favorite trends: color/print accents. Adding a color to a complicated outfit can tie everything together in an effortless way and bring something out of date up to fashion forward. In vice versus adding a print to a very simple outfit can make something very traditional and simple very edgy and memorable.

For example you have an amazing day-to night maxi dress that makes a real statement but you have no clue how to accessorize it. Below I have created a great simple sample of how different aspects can build a great outfit.



This maxi perfectly accessorized with a pop of color in the bag and a neutral shoe paired with a culturally-inspired turban creates a great look; maybe even consider adding a wide simple belt instead of the ribbon belt. Gold simplistic bangles and a light dangle earring would also be a great touch.

Accessory DO’s

1. Do use color/print.

2. Do compliment shoes and bags (this doesn’t mean the same color, just ones that work together).

3. Do inspire yourself with color, texture, and other cultures.

4. Do try different things that inspire your personal style.




Accessory DON’Ts

l. Don’t layer too many colors and patterns that contrast.

2. Don’t over accessorize!!! You don’t need a watch and bracelets on both arms (LOL).

3. Don’t just copy other looks. Play with it to find what works for you.

4. Don’t forget for some outfits less is more. Sometimes it’s good to go bare and simplistic.


This is a perfect example of a perfect outfit that way over accessorized. A short lace glove would’ve been more appropriate.

Hopefully you received some key take-aways!!! Until next time.

Chao Fashionistas,

The CoLargee Artistry Team


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