Letter from the Editor


To whom it may concern:


The world is full of negativity and so I decided to  bring the positive side of all things artistry, fitness, fashion, and many other subjects. Everywhere we look there are bloggers bringing gossip, lies, or just plain disrespectful “news” to the forefront instead of the beauty of what’s going on in the world positively. I decided that Pardon My Audacity would be a voice for positive news, thoughts, entrepreneurs, CEO’s,  indie artist, poets, and writers… it would literally be a way to speak the mind of those trying to get recognition with their God-given talent. Yet, the blog is falling short of the potential glory it has; people refuse to read, refuse to support, and refuse to give props to the talented ignoring individuals that’s spotlighted on the blog. I’m writing this to say… what else would you have a young, black woman, young black writer to write… lies? Gossip? Hurt? Pain? Ignorance? I apologize people because I just cannot partake in that mess. There will be hard hitting relationship articles seeing that that’s where I started in my career as a relationship columnist. There will be selected poetry from artist around the world. There will be indie artist and their visions. There will be erotic short stories and urban fiction showcasing a writers talent whether you like it or not. There will be growth and potential. And, I will NOT quit because it’s slow getting a buzz from a generation of children, adults, and teenagers that refuse to read, refuse to speak life into their life, and refuse to see the vision of a woman that wants to offer the latter of what’s being portrayed. All I ask is… step away from the negativity and step into positive beginnings. Go follow my blog:Pardon My Audacity and follow my journey to bringing you the complete truth.


Oh, yeah…



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