Get em’ in Check


Shhh, Just Got Real

This new contribution for Pardon My Audacity was offered to add a male point-of-view to the relationship and lifestyle section of the blog. It will be HONEST and MAY offend people without an open mind.

Derry Browning, CEO of 3MG

Twitter: @BigHustle973

Instagram: @Hu$tle1983

Get em’ in Check

It’s time for me to get some things off my chest about side chicks; what the hell are you thinking fellas? Let me clarify what I mean with this question: how do you let your sideline female feel she has a “place”, a “say so”, or even an “opinion” in your situation. I’m not even going to call what you and the side female have going on a “relationship” it’s a situation that can be fixed my brothers. You should NEVER let a sideline female get too comfortable to the point where she can visit your home, call your phone, or disrespect your woman in any form or fashion. That is just unacceptable bullsh*t.


If you’ve been keeping up with my last couple of articles, I’ve gotten on the ladies, but fellas I cannot stand by and watch you mess up any longer. Let me clarify the different stages of sideline females so you know what you are dealing with and how to handle your situation:

  1. Sugar Mama Side Chick: She pays your bills, ask for a little conversation, and sex every now and then. With these chicks, you need to inform your lady that she is assisting with your lifestyle and express to her she may ask for conversation, but don’t take it overboard. Some of y’all dudes f*ck it up for everybody get it together fellas, get it together trying to be sneaky. Ladies, don’t think I’m justifying cheating because y’all always got that sugar daddy, c’mon now. Ladies, this rules applies to you keep it 3000 we are no longer keeping it 100 but if he’s doing the same thing as you he shouldn’t have a problem. But if he’s insecure than he may. On to the next…
  2. Late Night Side Chick: You never call, text, or even think about her until after dark and there is a clear understanding that it’s just sex. If she starts for more time, commitment it’s time to move on. Fellas, if you get caught don’t read my article and blame me, what I’m saying is: LEARN TO KEEP YOUR SIDE PIECE IN HER PLACE.
  3. The Attachment Side Chick: Fellas, this is a big NO-NO. When you go on dates, when you hold hands, when you even think about selling these chicks dream you are f*cking up! Because she expects those dreams to come true; do not lead this woman on by telling her she will be main chick real soon with “I’m just gettin’ some things together” “I just got to work some things out.” Ladies, I’m just helping you learn your role in your situations. Fellas, don’t be mad but I’m getting tired of seeing booga wolves talking about how much they love they man when they are on the side! With these chicks, I’m going to teach you how to get this situation under control. Number one, no more fantasies; when you sell a dream, make sure it’s a dream you both can reach. Case in point, a dinner and a movie is do-able, but when you say I’m going to leave my girl, I’m going to give you the world, or you deserve everything and so much more you are setting yourself up for failure. When you can’t deliver on these things you panic and you don’t know what to do so STOP doing it. Do NOT sell a big dream without proper planning in motion.

As I end this article, ladies and gentleman, if you get offended I’m glad because I might just be talking about you. At least you know where you stand in your situation, Sh*t just got real.


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