High Protein Diet to Drop a Pants Size in 3 Weeks!

High Protein Diets! GET KNOWLEDGE

A high protein diet is a diet that tends to limit your carbohydrates, while increasing your protein. The most popular high protein diet would be the Atkins diet. The theory is that when you increase your protein, while eating very few carbohydrates, your body will run out of energy from lack of carbohydrates and start to burn your fat stores.

High protein diets recommend consuming more protein and fat than carbohydrates to promote weight loss.  According to the AHA, high protein dieters strive to consume 30 to 40 percent of calories from protein. Low-carb intake causes a loss of body fluids, which causes weight loss.  High protein dieters limit foods in carbohydrates, such as sugar, bread, fruits, and vegetables.  Sample menus emphasize on meats, eggs, fish, and nuts.

High Protein Diet

  • Breakfast

    Eggs- Any way you would like them (just no ketchup or any type of sauces on them)

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