Editor’s Rant

EditorI’ve come to the realization that you shouldn’t really harp on what people say to you because even if your intentions are good people will still try and make you feel shitty. I’m sorry but this really needs to be said and though the people that need to read this won’t… I will write it for those like me with a big heart but always said to be “judgmental” or “rude” person… I call it how I see it and I ask that you do the same. Who wants to walk around with fake surrounded around them?

The thing is… I feel like when I tell you how I feel about something that it’s a clearer view sometimes of what you see especially when what you say is completely RE-FUCKING-TARDED and I shouldn’t apologize for telling you what everyone around you is talking about you… about… I want to be the voice of reason, but then again… Who the hell am I?

Back to my original thought, I want to be like the girls who don’t care about people or things, but that’s not me. I actually love people. I actually want to see them grow& so I’m stuck with this foreign object that all of my generation has lost… My heart. So I’m going to work on keeping my heart, but also keeping true to my words without apologizing for what’s true only for people to come back and reiterate I was right… So this is your Editors rant. Enjoy… or don’t.


I officially could care less because I’M HAPPY.


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