Beauty of The Week: Stephanie Ford

Beauty of the Week

Pardon My Audacity wants to introduce yet another beauty to the readers. This girl is gorgeous and working on making her dreams come true!

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KJ Nails Photo

Stephanie Ford is Beauty of the Week!

SF says: Readers can find me on Instagram @MadeInManila or Stephanie Ford. I have some of my work from previous and current photo shoots I’ve done, such as Hotlanta Magazine an Urban Hair Magazine I appeared in in 2008. Pictures from a photo shoot I did for KJ Nail Spa where I am the face and Model for them. I’ve also done print work where I modeled for Kickboard Kouture an Urban Clothing Line. My work from there can be seen on under the women’s category on the fifth row first picture to the right. Along with other print work I’ve done I’ve also appeared in a rapper by the name of Choze video called “So Bad” that can be seen on YouTube.

KickboardKouture Photoshoot

Kickboard Kouture Photo

Photographers can also find me at the same place as readers and expect to see me more on upcoming projects I have in the future. I am now working on my own online clothing store for women where I will appear as the face of my own company along with other up and coming models.


Photo credit: Hotlanta


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