Carinda Marie: Siren of Atlanta

Carinda Marie

I’ve always been a woman that has known exactly what I wanted… at least that’s what I thought. Atlanta is home to fine black men with things going for them, but it also is home to the fine gay men. With a woman trying to find love… what is she supposed to do with all this eye candy, distractions, and sometimes trifling men??? Uh, date of course. So here I am–Carinda Marie, a fashionista, businesswoman, entrepreneur and siren of the city of Atlanta going through her share of men just to find the right guy.

Dating men is like trying on a new pair of fly ass pumps; you either love it, but can’t stand in them long or you can stand in them all day, but they lose their new shininess quickly. But then there is that one pair sitting in the glass staring you down and you are willing to spend that last $150 bucks just to feel them on your feet.  However, there’s always that shoe box relationship where the box is just as amazing as the shoe and you hate to throw them away…you can never wear this box; rock it with a bad ass dress, and this box cannot compliment you outside of that wonderful closet full of fly clothes, but you just can’t throw it out. That’s exactly how I feel about Jerome.

Jerome is a dude that I totally like, but I totally can’t date. When he approached me I was not in the greatest of moods, but he came up to me anyway. He wasn’t that charming but he made me smile and that always counts in my book. We started gradually seeing each other and spending a minimal amount of time together but the time was dutifully noted as he always worked. But something just didn’t feel right. Why is it that when you call yourself liking someone you just know when something isn’t going to work for you? His availability was fickle and his phone was always ringing, dinging, and blowing up which meant one thing—he was involved, he was newly single, or he was a playboy.

I’m a straightforward chick and so I asked him about it and basically Miss Marie was completely correct… He was newly single. Let’s skip through some parts… in the end, we had sex… it was okay sex… it was that mind blowing sex you dream about with a guy you like, but it was decent… couple weeks later, we “both” find out he’s expecting a child.  Not offended by this new found information because we were more friends who “tried on” sex like again a new pair of shoes and unfortunately I liked the box more than the actual shoe.

The shoe was a nice shoe; long dreads, brown eyes, white teeth, smart, job, but binded to child and ex-girlfriend. You live and you learn. I learned that Carinda Marie can like someone and walk away just ask quick as I took the opportunity to walk into it. Jerome is a dude that listens, talks, tells you how beautiful you, but then go on about his business until you need that extra attention.

Don’t everyone have that casual attention buddy? Or is that just me? He’s a homer/lover/friend it’s always good standing because you don’t expect nothing but what it is… This is Carinda Marie living in Atlanta.  Let me know what you REALLY feel…



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