Pain & Gain Movie Review

photo (38) Pain & Gain Movie Review

Pardon My Audacity was invited to see the advanced screening of Pain & Gain and honestly I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the movie as a whole. Now wait, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my case again seeing I like to feel some sort of way at the end of a great movie. The movie is absolutely hilarious with the trio Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie. This action comedy is based on a true story of the personal trainers in the 90’s in Miami trying to go for the “American Dream”, but end up with a big criminal mess and consequences.

The movie is filled with wonderful actors that absolutely play their parts amazingly. Mark Wahlberg plays a guy that just wants to be a “do-er” and not a “don’t-er” moving from not having enough to having more than enough. Anthony Mackie plays a fellow personal trainer and friend of Wahlberg and serves as a funny component with Wahlberg. Dwayne “The Roc” Johnson is a very handsome ex-con trying to change his life but gets caught up with the duo he meets upon applying for a job. The casting for the movie was great with such movie faves as Ed Harris and the hilarious Ken Jeong from Hangover I&II.

photo (39)

Wahlberg acts as the leader in the trio leading the trio into one crazy situation into another. From extorting, fraud, and even kidnapping! The problems that they face are serious situations, but these guys cracked me up the entire time even when time was ticking and things were getting really serious. I loved that about the movie.

From the very first scheme thought up by Wahlberg, I sat at the edge of my chair hoping that nothing got out of hand. One of the things that I liked about the movie is that it’s relatable for people to want to better their situation and that it was such a far-fetched idea that you kind of want the trio to make it. Though the trio is the bad guys, as an audience member you want them to get it together and get away clean. The issues that the trio get into will crack you up and make you question their smarts.

From my mind to yours, each of these guys were ripped and hot! So of course this is a girl observation, but it made their characters completely believable as body builders and trainers. I loved the way the comedy rolled in and the drama continued to build throughout the movie. I loved everything about this movie but all I will say is I had a problem with one of the posters for the movie simply because Anthony Mackie was introduced in the movie before Dwayne Johnson and was one of the leading characters yet he isn’t on the poster. It makes me feel some kind of way, if Paramount or Michael Bay would have added him with the Wahlberg and Johnson I’d appreciate it more.

Overall, I’d give the movie a 8.0 out of 10 and would say go see the movie.


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