The Natural Journey


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The Natural Journey

The new epidemic being embraced over the last five years is the natural movement. This movement has taken over many different aspects and it is way deeper than just hair. When taken in, it is a journey; from hair to food to products it is really a personal journey. Each person takes this journey in stride slowly realizing that the body is the temple. Exploring this has taught me a lot of things. The best way to manage your body is to manage your stress. The earth is full of exploited resources, but it is also full of resources that we have not yet tapped into.

For this blog I made it personal for the rest of the year I will be experimenting with my hair. I have stopped using shampoo as it strips the hairs natural oil supply and dries the follicles. Your hair will grow as much and as fast as it can with three simple tricks: moisture, trimming, and nourishment. Co-washing is one alternative. It is a cleansing conditioner so it doesn’t have the stripping effects of shampoo. Pantene Relaxed and Natural has a newer one that retails for +/- 3.99 at Target. My favorite so far is Wen. Wen can only be purchased on the internet and is a bit more expensive, but I love the way it makes my hair feel and smell. If you really want to go all natural co-wash all boils down to vinegar and baking soda and a conditioning of essential oils.



Also apple cider vinegar and baking soda is a great facial pore cleansing tonic. The mixture is great for the skin it’s a great pre-treatment for exfoliation. So as you come down with allergies, colds, coughs, fevers, and stress remember the environment is the key to managing them. Often the ground is the first place we should look before CVS lol.



Until Next Week, Chao and be HEALTHY,

Jasmine Stroud of CoLargee Artistry Fashion House


One thought on “The Natural Journey

  1. I have ONLY heard bad reviews about wen so I steered clear of it. I didn’t know that pantene offered natural solutions though. I really like As I am though. Thats what I use. I’m interested about the apple cider vinegar potion though. COuld you explain a little more?

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