What happened to real love? U.O.E.N.O Edition


This new contribution for Pardon My Audacity was offered to add a male point-of-view to the relationship and lifestyle section of the blog. It will be HONEST and MAY offend people without an open mind.

Derry Browning, CEO of 3MG

Twitter: @BigHustle973

Instagram: @Hu$tle1983

DB What Happened to Real Love? U.O.E.N.O Edition

Everybody running around singing the lyrics to U.O.E.N.O by Rocko, but really don’t even know what the HELL they are doing in the relationship department. My brothers and sisters from the early 60’s to 70’s the couples were  holding each other down no matter  what and didn’t do it for the satisfaction of the people around them but because they had what? Real love & U.O.E.N.O what real love is any damn more!

Let me further express what I mean people; Real love isn’t about who is paying what bill and who is going to buy a new bag or a new pair of Jordan’s. That’s the problem. We all worried about materialistic items that can be taken away, stolen, broken, and given away instead of the individual that stands with us when these things are taken away. As a generation, U.O.E.N.O what you’re supposed to do in a relationship, do you?

Question fellas, why do we do things to get her, but not to keep her? That’s easy; you figure because you got her you don’t have to do those things. Well fellas you are losing cool points; what happen to opening the door for her? What happen to telling her she looks beautiful and she looks gorgeous? Ladies, what happened to showing some appreciation to the man that’s trying to please you? What happened to a home cooked meal? Damn! Don’t be lazy if your partner needs a massage, give them one. If he or she pampers you, reciprocate accordingly. I have a few steps to how to have a great relationship.

Steps to a great relationship:

Step 1: Communication is the key. Be HONEST; if you can’t keep it real with her you can’t even keep it real with yourself. Be VOCAL; say what’s on your mind.

Step 2: Quality time. Make sure you always have time to spend with your partner. If you can make time for everything else you can make time for that person.

Step 3:  Romance. It never gets old, it just gets better. Gotta keep it going as the years go by the more you should dry. Little things count.

I hope you’ve taken what I said into consideration and if you haven’t… YOU GONE BE SINGLE & you know what… U.O.E.N.O it!


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