Five ways to lose a guy

Lately, it seems like all anyone hears on social media are sob stories and status updates about how “dudes are no good” and how women are so “through” with crying and the lies… and all that bull. As a woman, let me be the first to say that we aren’t all that innocent with the things that we do to our men. Want to know why that good man who was rubbing your feet and paying your bills got the hell away from you? Would you really like to get a better understanding of why women in 2013 are losing faith in their relationships? There are five ways for any committed woman to lose her committed man and I’m going to tell you each of ways.

Women who nag and talk too much sh*t will lose their good men as soon as those men are fed up. The key to being in a relationship with a man is— it takes a special kind of brother to deal with a cranky, nagging, and bitching woman. That same man that’s going to put up with all the beautiful things you can do will leave with all the negative things you have to say every day. A man, especially a black man, has enough issues in his day-to-day so sometimes let him take the argument and let him have it. Ain’t nobody got time to come home to you moaning and complaining!

When you have a man that’s always going above and beyond to make sure you have a smile on your face, the man deserves some appreciation. Don’t be the girlfriend who receives, receives, forgets to give thanks, and never gives, or you will be one of the quit. Sometimes it’s sexy for a woman to surprise her man just to say thank

If this is all you do, you can lose your man!

If this is all you do, you can lose your man!

you for doing things around the house. Yes, a man is a “provider,” but if that’s the case act like a home maker sometimes with some cooking, cleaning, and maybe a striptease! Bottom line ladies, not being appreciative can get you the boot.

I’m just going to say this right now that a man with good tastes desires a car of stature like a Rolls Royce and they will love the hell out of that car right? But what happens if one day after he’s had it for a while, the car transforms into a damn Buick? He’s going to go and trade that bad boy in. Same applies for you ladies; do not let yourself go after two years in a relationship. You better get to the squats and tune-ups on yourself and not just for him, but for YOU too! If you are lacking in the first two departments at least you can do is be one of the prettiest women he’s ever had the chance to be with. AT LEAST.

There comes a time in every relationship where a person has to step back and realize that their life has got kind of boring without their partner. Don’t be that girl. Don’t be the girl who lives for only her man and not for herself. It’s not sexy and nobody wants a follower. They want a leader in some light. Get with it.

Last, but not least ladies don’t play hide and seek with the box. Yes, I’m saying when you have a man, a goooooood man, you need to go ahead and make sure that you aren’t one of those “I’m holding out just because” unless you are committed to being celibate or a virgin. Let’s be real, if you are bussin’ it open already then make sure you have a committed man who’s willing and ready to take on life with it. Stop playing with it and be honest and I’m not promoting just great sex– I’m promoting the damn truth.

So there you have it ladies… five reasons that women are losing their good men. Fix it or forget it.


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